New Blog Series Coming Up! {“Selling Handmade”}

I’ve been working on a secret project, and I just finished it.

{I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!!}

As I was in the process of setting up my Etsy shop a few weeks ago, I found myself searching online for answers to my {many} questions.  Not only did I have “technical” questions, but also practical questions ~ Like, where do you store all those crafts when they’re made??  What I really longed for was the chance to sit around my ocean-side kitchen table and discuss Etsy  with some fellow bloggers!  I wanted to learn from the people whose blogs I’ve read on a regular basis ~ and who also happen to have an “Etsy” store (or any store…) in their sidebar.

Those thoughts became so strong that an idea was born…

So, I typed a few e-mails, and the bloggers answered. {Yippee Skippee!}

I’m so excited to announce that next Monday, March 26th marks the beginning of a 7 day mini series here at Harbour Breeze. Three bloggers that I have admired for ages and  one I just met (but already admire!) agreed to answer my questions about the nitty gritty of selling handmade creations online.


selling handmade bright final

{bird graphic used with permission from Heidi at}


Jami from Freckled Laundry, Gina from Shabby Creek Cottage, Aimee from my Pink Life, and Lisa from the Pennington Point graciously took time out of their busy lives to answer my questions.

Each day they are going to answer a question I had regarding creating and running an online business.

Get your pens and pencils ready…. Here’s the “Class Schedule”!

Day 1:  “Meet the Teachers” {4 bloggers tell their Handmade Business stories}

Day 2:  “Product Branding” {Graphic Design and Store Banners}

Day 3:  “Organizing a Workspace” {When you live where you work!}

Day 4:  “Presenting your Product” {Tips for photographing your products}

Day 5:  “Wrapping up a Sale” {Packaging for shipment}

Day 6:  “Promoting Your Shop” {Getting the word out}

Day 7:  “Balancing it all”  {Multitasking in life!}

I hope you grab yourself a cup of coffee and join us each day for this little chat.  Let me just say, I was blessed beyond words by their answers.  I not only learned a lot, but they inspired me to keep going with my dreams!  Even if you don’t make or sell things online ~ or even remotely like that kind of thing ~ I’m confident you will love this chance to get to know these bloggers better and learn a lot in the process, too.

See you Monday!  {…and, yes!, please bring your friends!}

I’ll have the coffee on…

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  1. OH you have two of my favorite people guesting in this series!! Gina and Lisa!! (I don’t know the other two so they might end up joining the really long list!!)

    Thank you!!

  2. I have a shop and I have been selling but I have so many questions. I have sold a few things already and I am excited to get more involved in creating a successful business.
    thank you so much for doing this..I will be the one in the front row seat with my hand up..:)

  3. i am very excited to hear what everyone has to say – i have an etsy shop and work full time – i wish i had more time to really promote my shop because that is my true love! can’t wait for monday!

  4. Can’t wait!! I’ve had my shop for a while and have made a few sells. I am ready to get the ball rolling and really get my shop going.

    I’ve read Gina’s blog for years and can’t wait to see what she and the other ladies have to share. Who better to learn from than ladies who have been where we are now.

    Thanks so much for getting this mini-series together.

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