Etsy Treasury Lists and Other Discoveries

For all of you who are Etsy experts, I’m sure you will find this post, well, elementary…my, Dear.  {Was that a quote in some movie?  Or am I just going a little cuckoo??}

But, I’m sure in the large scope of things, there are probably some of you in the same Etsy boat as I’m in…

Yep.  We’re a little lost at sea!Smile  {But, hey, we’re having fun anyway!}

So, let me fill you in on a few things I just figured out.

On Saturday, I received 2 Etsy e-mail messages saying, “You’ve been treasured” along with a link.

Although I felt honoured to be “treasured” {who wouldn’t be, really?}, I didn’t have a clue what it meant!

Here’s what I discovered.

When I clicked on the link, up popped this:


etsy treasury


I discovered that a “Treasury List” is like a “board” on Pinterest!  People can handpick items from Etsy  and tack them all on one board.  I was honoured to see my sign amidst all those pretty Spring things…

Searching for items in Etsy is kind of fun through the Treasury List feature.  It’s like having a personal shopper recommend all the great things.  In order to search through Etsy treasury lists, go to the Etsy home page, scroll halfway down, and click on  the button “Treasury” under “Ways to Shop”.


treasury button

Then you can type in whatever your little heart desires.  Like:  French Country Cottage or Weathered Rustic, etc, etc…  You’ll be amazed at the neat things you find!

The SECOND new thing about Etsy that I just figured out is this:  Not only can you find amazing handmade and vintage items, you can also find great sources for craft supplies and even graphic design work!

Instead of spending 5 hours figuring out how to create my own custom social media buttons for my blog, I could have paid only $5.00 and had someone on Etsy do it for me!

I also just purchased my first ever item from Etsy.

It was so easy, I’m a little scared for my bank account…Winking smile

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  1. wow so thats what being treasured means……I had no idea…thank you . I will be following your every move just to keep finding out all these little details…….:)

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