How to Style a Spring Floral Dress (when your legs are winter snow white!)

I’ve been eyeing them for months ~ pretty Spring floral dresses in happy colors and prints. They seem to be on trend these days, and I decided I was going to look for one for myself.

There were just two problems:

  1. The weather is still quite chilly in our neck of the woods…and
  2. My legs are as white as fresh fallen snow!

(Point number 1 doesn’t help point number 2 at all.  If the sun would ever come out, I’d stick my legs in it and soak it all up.)

All of the inspiration pictures I was looking at had pretty Spring dresses paired with cute shoes and BARE legs.

I’m tellin’ you what.

My legs aren’t ready for BARE.

The logical thought was that I just need to slap on some of that sunless tanning lotion.

Been there. Done that. Lived with the hives for weeks because of it.

I’m sure under all the red, itching welts I had a marvelous tan…but, lesson learned.

I’m staying clear…

But, I found a dress I really loved and decided to just go with it.

Spring Floral Dress & Leggings

It had colors I love and had a bit of a “vintage” vibe that reminded me of something my mom wore in the 70s. Hers was red, white, & blue if I remember right…

After a few different thoughts about what to do with the leg situation, I stumbled on the answer…

Spring Floral Dress & Leggings

Leggings! I figure they’re a little Winter and a little Spring all thrown into one. They cover up my snowy white legs, add a little warmth on these still chilly days ~ and yet I can wear cute sandals with them with bright colored nail polish. It’s a win, win!!

Spring Floral Dress & Leggings

Even though it’s already a busy print, I wear a long tassel necklace with it (that helps make a person look taller and thinner). I also read that when you’re petite like me (I’m 5 foot 2), it’s always good to push up your sleeves to 3/4 length ~ which also helps make you appear taller. Now that I look at these pictures, I think I won’t roll up the sleeves, but just scrunch them up instead…

Or probably, I should just cut them off and hem them at the right length…(Yikes! Sounds scary!!)


Dress: Winners “Vince Cumuto” brand

Shoes: Fly by London (SO comfortable!)

Spring Floral Dress & Leggings

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  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. That dress is awesome! I can see why you wanted to wear it so much. It looks beautiful on you. I actually noticed the sleeves before you mentioned it and honestly I thought it was made that way and the “cuffs” were meant to contrast with it. I’m excited to check out more of your blog.

  2. Nice style! These are best ways to style up with floral print in winter. I am obsessed to wear floral print and want to try your style. Thanks and keep sharing.

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