25 Things

Happy Monday!  I’m excited about a brand new week full of great possibilities…  My mind is mulling over a myriad of topics, so here’s 25 random things that’s currently floating around in it.

1.  I’m on an online learning kick.  First, I signed up for Emily’s Simple Graphic Design Course.  Oh, mercy sakes…  It’s so. much. fun!!

2.  Then on Friday, I signed up for a Photoshop Room Makeover course.

3.  It’s from the same teachers as the online photography course I took a while back (and loved so much!).  They are celebrating their 3rd anniversary, so all their courses are 40% off until midnight tonight!!  (Click on the link below to sign up)


4.  We’ve been puttering away working on our bathroom renovation.

5.  I was desperately trying to avoid having to paint the ceiling.


6.  Bummer.  It couldn’t be avoided.  But, despite the extra step, it’s nice to have a fresh white ceiling with the new wall color.


7.  My husband and I were given a gift certificate to a swishy restaurant  in January.

8.  We just used it last week.

9.  It was a place with beautiful ambiance and amazing food.

10.  We savoured every moment and bite.

11.  Then we came home and put our bathroom back together again.

vanity in

12.  Aren’t we just so romantic?


13.  I’m having a terrible time finding the “perfect” mirror.  (That black one is a temporary stand in.)

14.  I thought this one was just the bee’s knees.


15.  I still think it is.

16.  Just not in that bathroom.

17.  Can you tell that I have to see things in a space before I can make a decision?  It tends to slow down the renovation process a lot…


18.  Yesterday we went to Home Depot to get some instructions on installing tile.  The kindest older gentlemen patiently walked us through the process.  He told us it would be the “hot damn”.  Whatever that means… But I’m looking forward to it!;)


19.  It’s at this stage in the  renovation process that I’m grateful for a handyman husband to help me through the final details of the “technical stuff”…like how to attach a big ol’ heavy window to the wall…


20.  Have I ever told you he’s left handed?

pre-drill holes

21.  He is.  My sister also married a “lefty”.  I think that means we’re highly intelligent, or something.;)


22.  I’ve been pondering window covering choices for weird-sized old windows.


23.  Flour sack towels sure let the light in nicely and still provide privacy.  The thumbtacks have to go, though…


24.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have one of those bathtub trays…

bathroom progress

25.  I can’t imagine actually using one in a practical sense…  But it sure is fun to put pretty things on!:)

bathtub tray

Have a great week!

***The “shoot fly shoot” link is an affiliate link.  If you choose to click on it and sign up for the course, I will receive a percentage of the sale. 

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