One Bookcase, Five Different Looks

Some people have a mantel in their living room that they change up for different seasons.

I have a built in bookcase.  The fun thing is, the back of it is in the dining room closet, so I can whip it off and do all kinds of fun things with it.  I just tried something brand new, and I can’t wait to show you!

When we moved in, it was dark and drab situation…

bookcase before

Since then, it’s had quite a few different looks.  Here’s a few of them:

{You can see how I put a beach mat back in here.}

bookcase beach decor

The Pottery Barn inspired Nautical Look,


The Red, White, & Gold Christmas,

bookcase styling2

The Pinterest Inspired Bookcase,

Christmas Bookcase keeper

The Copycat Christmas Bookcase, {Oh, I loved those twinkle lights!}

Spring Bookcase 2

and up until today, The Sunny Spring Bookcase

I’ll be back soon to show you it’s brand new (and completely different!) look.

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