25 Things: Couch Shopping & Christmas Decorating

1.The official “hunt-for-a-couch” season has begun.

2.My husband and I spent hours the other day going from one place to another looking at couch contenders.

3.We’d eye up the size and style, and of course, do the all important “comfort test”.

4.We’d plunk ourselves down and wait.

5.As a 5 foot 2-er and he a 6 footer, I’d more often than not be sitting there with my feet dangling 2 inches from the floor.

6.Or, if my feet were touching the ground, the end of the cushion seat would hit him about mid-thigh.

7.About the time we were laughing ourselves silly over the fact it doesn’t seem we’ll ever both be comfy on a couch, a helpful saleperson would come up and ask so nicely if he could help.

8.I really enjoyed that part. We listened and asked questions and played real dumb.

9.The fact is, when it comes to buying a new couch…we really are dumb!

10.This is our very first rodeo in the buying-a-new couch department ~

11.And, honestly,  I’m ready to jump off the bucking bronco!!

12.Mercy sakes. The choices are endless.

13.My eyes glaze over at, “You can choose from 800 fabrics”.

14.And when they start talking about financing available, I’m ready to head for the door.

15.The good news is, I found my dream couch.

16.The bad news is, I need a house twice the size to fit it in.

17.So…for now, couch shopping is put on the back burner.

18.My brain needs a break from all the decisions involved.

19.If only I could bring the top 3 contenders into my little townhouse living room and see what they looked like in the space.

20.I’m pretty sure I could decide quickly.

21.But, having to custom order? Oh, Nellie…

couch shopping and christmas decorating


22. So, I’ve decided to keep on loving our dear old couch for now, and instead start thinking about Christmas decorating.

23.I’ve set a goal for myself that before I pull out Christmas, I must first finish unpacking all. the. boxes.

24. I’m down to the final 4.

25. Woo Hoo!! If things go well, there might be a few twinkly lights around here tonight ~

They’ll help disguise my sad, out-dated couch!

 PS. I’m over at Sweet Tea and Saving Grace today sharing one of my favorite recipes ever ~ Cheater Chicken Cordon Bleu.


It’s super simple to prep and tastes delicious! If you want to check it out and get all the details, you can do so here.

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  1. I’m 5’4″ and my husband is 6’3″ so I know what you’re talking about. We’ve bought new sofas three different times and still have the last two. The older of the two is more for my husband’s frame, but I get around that by putting a throw pillow behind my back (I have one that is just the right thickness for this). The other one fits me better, but is still comfortable for him. Both sofas are by Flexsteel. We love the quality of this brand. All of our chairs and our ottoman is also Flexsteel. Buy the best you can afford and do online research about the various brands. You don’t want to have it looking bad in a short time.There is a Flexsteel dealer about five minutes from our house, so we’ve never had to pay for delivery…plus it’s easy to go back when time allows. As far as fabrics go, I advise not doing a pattern, unless it’s something classic like a ticking stripe. This way the fabric won’t become dated in a few years. Choose from the colors you love, not the latest trends – unless you really love a color that happens to be on trend. Choose your sofa first, then the fabric. You should be able to take swatches home to check against your rug, wall color, curtains, etc. Take your time.

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