Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas

My wrapping paper storage was one of the first things in the “driving me crazy” department when I started this simplifying mission.  I had a container in the basement with an odd assortment of Christmas wrapping paper, and a drawer that was a hot mess ~ a humble jumble collection of gift bags, ribbons, bows, and tissue paper ~ mixed up with all my travel cosmetic bags!

This Christmas, it was my goal to use up all the odd rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.  I did!  (Woo Hoo!)  Remaining Christmas gift bags were tucked into the Christmas totes.

Then I used up the only roll of wrapping paper I had left for the drawer liners in the vanity.  (Woo Hoo!)

That left me with a nice, small collection of gift bags, tissue, and ribbons that I tucked into the bottom drawer of my office dresser.

simple wrapping paper organization

I figure if I need a larger gift bag, I’ll just purchase it when I need it. (There’s usually a good selection in the Dollar Store.)  I figured I’d rather do that instead of having a huge stash of things just lying around.

Some of you, however, give gifts on a much more regular basis (good for you!) and might want to have more gift wrap on hand.  Here’s some gift wrap storage ideas I found for you:

gift wrap storage

This on the door storage is so clever!

delux gift wrap station

I call this a deluxe wrapping station.  It’s part of a sewing room that is just gorgeous!

ikea wrapping paper storage

This simle storage solution is an inexpensive plastic bag holder from Ikea!  Genius!

So, tell us ~ do you like to have a little or large stash of gift wrap supplies?  How do you store them?

Happy gifting!:)

Rita Joy

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