Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas

Coral piles of wrapping paper rolls, tissue paper, gift bags, and bows with these clever wrapping paper storage ideas and hacks. Get your wrapping station ready for any special occasion and last minute gifts.

Figuring out clever ways to store wrapping paper rolls and all the gift wrap supplies you might like to have on hand can be tricky anywhere. But, it’s even trickier when you live in a small space!

Over the years, I’ve experiemented with various ideas. One year, I strategically used up ALL my wrapping paper rolls so that I only had a small collection of gift bags, ribbons, bows, and tissue paper.

Then I simply organized it in the bottom of a drawer in my office. It worked out perfectly!

But, I thought it would be fun to round up some clever ideas for a variety of storage solutions for rolls of wrapping paper and all the other supplies needed for gift wrapping – whether you have a lot of space or a little space.

simple wrapping paper organization

Clever Ways to Store Wrapping Paper Rolls & Gift Bags

The following are some real life examples of how people store wrapping paper in simple and effective ways. Of course, you can have custom cabinetry built that can accomodate a gift wrapping station beautifully, but below are some more budget friendly ideas.

Storage Solutions for Gift Bags & Wrapping Paper Rolls You Can Purchase Online

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In doing research for this article, I discovered some very clever products designed specifically for wrapping paper storage. I thought I would feature them in case it would be of help to you in your space.

Gift Wrap Storage Solutions from Amazon

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Although I have never used any of the storage solutions above personally, they look like they would make great use of space – like under a bed or behind a closet door!

Looking for creative and simple gift wrap storage solutions? Here's some fun and quick ideas that are budget friendly. Create a handy place to store rolls of wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbons so you can take care of those last minute gifts!

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  1. Last year I decided to ditch wrapping paper and wrap my family’s gifts in craft paper. Then I personalize them by writing on the paper. Things like what the meaning of the their name is or Bible verses of their age like 3:6 or their date of birth 6:18. Or a funny hint at what’s inside the package. Much more personal and fun! And lots easier to organize.

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