Oh, the Chaos of Organizing…

Yesterday I was going all gung ho on the basement craft room.…until  ~ in a blink ~ the power went out.  Bummer.

I don’t know why, but when the power goes out, it seems to make life stand still.  The gray, stormy weather doesn’t make for great light anywhere in the house ~ although it is technically “daylight”.

However, the light was good enough to work in the Dining Room.  You know how I mentioned that I “borrowed a storage unit from another closet”?  Well…look at the upheaval that little switch-a-roo caused…

messy dining room

I also moved the cute little dresser that lived in this Dining Room nook downstairs…

no dresser

Yep, organizing always makes a bigger mess before it gets better!

The power eventually came on about 3 hours later, but by then, I already had the entire room torn apart.

At the end of the day, enough things were switched around so that the room is liveable again.

closets after

Although  far from beautiful, the closets are ready now to get some new shelves put in…(someday…)

The placement of this shelving unit is probably also a temporary fix, but it’s working for now.

bookcase after

It’s storing an extremely eclectic mix ~ books, pitchers, medication, and even toilet paper and paper towels (on the top shelf)!

Although I started on it last year, this Dining Room  is on my 2012 project list…

dining room after

I really must get some doors on that closet…!

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