Wall Doctor Wallpaper Backsplash

The Wall Doctor wallpaper backsplash just might be the budget friendly farmhouse kitchen decor idea you’re looking for! It’s quick, easy, & durable.

When we were working on our  DIY kitchen remodel, we wanted to add some interest to the space with a new back splash. 

We checked out various ideas and options, and loved the look of bead board. However, since we don’t own the house, we didn’t want to install something as permanent as actual bead board on the back splash area or the wall across from it.

Our search led us to an incredible product – Wall Doctor beadboard wallpaper.

3 Reasons we LOVE our Wall Doctor Wallpaper Backsplash in Kitchen

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The wallpaper backsplash was easy to install.

beadboard backsplash after

Because Wall Doctor wallpaper is so thick, it was an absolute breeze to install. It comes pre-pasted with great directions to walk you through the process.

Want to see how it’s done? Check out this “How to install a wallpaper back splash” post for the simple step by step process.

straight on keeper

It is a thick, quality product.

Not all bead board wallpaper is created equal.  Below is a picture of two different brands.  Although I did use a bit from the roll on the right, it is almost a full roll.  The one on the left is a new-still-in-the-wrapper roll:


See how much “fatter” the roll on the left is?  It is soooo much thicker.

wall doctor paper

The  “Wall Doctor” brand and claims to cover cracked, problem walls.

(Update July 2020: The pictures online no longer show the packaging, and it seems this wallpaper is now owned by Graham and Brown. I have linked that brand in hopes it is the same thing!)

I agree! It just might be an old house’s best friend…

Stains and splatters wipe off easily

Years have passed since we first installed it, and I must say, I’m so impressed with the durability of this wallpaper back splash.   Although it is paintable (another great perk), I never even painted it, but it wiped off really well. And although we live in a relatively humid climate, it  hasn’t started pulling away from the wall in any area.

Where you can purchase this wallpaper for back splash:

As I live in Canada, I found this product in my local Canadian Tire store. However, if you’re looking to purchase it online, you can do so here.


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  1. Your blog's new look is beautiful! I just read your post on blackberry jam and I am inspired to go berry picking right now but it's only January! I hope that I can find the link again come August! 🙂 God bless you!

  2. Your kitchen makeover is one of my inspirations that makes me want to actually get out the sandpaper, primer, etc and paint my upper cabinets white. I <3 LOVE your kitchen makeover so much. Real world makeover!

  3. Oh I feel like such a silly goose! I left you a comment which I just deleted… I love your beadboard walls. It has been crazy as I've been fussing because I couldn't get our wallpaper clean… but when I switched to a different cleaner (my moms' old recipe!) it clean up beautifully. And I just discovered it was prepasted… 🙂 (yes I used double stick tape as a temporary solution.. sigh… such a silly goose! ha ha!)

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