That’s FONTastic!!

I admit it.  I’m a font-aholic.  Ever since I was in 3rd grade and Mrs. Johanson had such beautiful penmanship, I’ve been a lover of beautiful lettering.  I slaved and slaved over trying to train my fingers and hands to create beautiful letters and calligraphy.

Now, I just need to click the right buttons on my computer and beautiful handwriting is everywhere!

I’ve been collecting lists of blogger’s favorite fonts.  With the thousands and thousands of options available, I find these lists extremely helpful in the narrowing down process.

font list 2


Just click on the link underneath each list, and you’ll be directed to the original post with all the details.

font list 1

{Source – Kayla Aimee}


font list 2

{Source ~ Simply Klassic Home}


font list 3

{Source:  Peter Loves Jane}


font list 4

{Source: House of Smiths}


font list 5

{Source:  Lovely Little Snippets}

If you are having trouble downloading fonts, Google your questions using your computer’s operating system.  (Mine is Windows Vista.)  There are lots of tutorials on how to download fonts.  Basically, they are downloaded as “zipped” files.  They will need to be “unzipped” (extracted) and installed after they’re downloaded.

What are some of your favorite fonts?

Mine seem to be constantly changing…

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