The Bridal Shower Oscars

I decided to throw a Bridal shower for one of my sweet friends later on this month.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve planned a party like this, so I decided to go to the experts to see how parties are thrown these day.

The “experts”, you know, is everyone on Pinterest!Smile

I typed in Bridal Shower ideas and was completely blown away.  Parties have come a long way since the day I sat in my church basement surrounded by women I love and unwrapping dusty rose Tupperware and trying to bake a cake from scratch with no recipe… (What a lovely memory it is, though!)

So, in light of the recent Oscar awards (which, by the way, I didn’t watch…tee hee), I thought I’d give my own awards for the parties I discovered:

The Most Delightfully Decadent:

flower bar


This Chic, Creative, and Colourful Bridal Shower from Bridal Musings.  It not only had a personal stylist come and style the event and a professional photographer to capture the moments, one of the activities was a “flower bar” (pictured above) where guests could choose flowers from the buckets to take home their own custom bouquet.

{Although I love you very much, Bride-to-Be, I just can’t afford this one!Winking smile}

The Sweetest Shower Ever

sweetest shower


Zoe’s Bridal Shower.  The pictures from this event are absolutely stunning.  Every little detail has been thought over, right down to the labels on all the sweets…



There are a lot of labels…and a lot of sweets.

I’m just wondering, though…  How many ladies does it take to consume that many sweets??

My kids, on the other hand, could scarf them up in no time flat!

The Cutest Little Party Snack

grasshopper pies

Mini Grasshopper Pies in a Jar by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Actually, this post isn’t about a party at all.  But, I thought those were such cute little party snacks.  If I decide to make them when you come over, feel free to act surprised!Winking smile

The Fishiest Favours

fish favors

The Antique French Library Bridal Shower Theme

Oh, my!  I love the style of this one.  All french and antiquey and classy…

french bridal shower


I noticed that most of the showers discussed gave their guests “favours” or little gifts to take home.  This one had bags of Swedish fish, with a tag that reads, “So Many Fish in the Sea…I Finally Found the One For Me!”

Aww…isn’t that cute??

Problem is, I have absolutely no idea what “Swedish fish” are…

The Bridal Shower That Probably Won’t Look Like any of The Pictures Above

That would be the one I’ll be throwing later on this month…

But, I’m sure having fun picking and choosing ideas to try!:)

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