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10+ Top Tips for Christmas Decoration Storage & Organization

10 Genius ideas for Christmas decoration storage and organization that will make next year’s Christmas decorating so much easier!

Putting up Christmas decorations and “decking the halls” can create lots of excitement. In contrast, putting them away seems much less fun!

Today, I’ve searched for some of the best tips I could find online for Christmas decoration storage & organization ideas. Implementing a few key things can make putting up Christmas decorations next year so much easier.

One thing I found in many articles was the importance of purging items as you go. Let go of the things that are broken or you don’t like anymore. They’re just taking up valuable space. 

As you take care in the storage and organization of your Christmas decorations, next year when you open them up, it will feel like Christmas morning!;)

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Christmas decoration storage ideas & tips

10 Best Tips for Christmas Decoration Storage & Organization

Aren’t those great Christmas decoration storage ideas and tips? I’m going to put them to use as I start un-decorating Christmas tomorrow.

For more Organization Ideas

January and a new year always gets me excited about giving my house a fresh start with organization!

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