My Favorite Tool when Organizing Any Space

Now that I’m on an organization mission and  invited you to come along, it only seems fair that I share an insider secret with you.

It is ~ hands down ~ the best tool I’ve ever discovered to help with ANY organization project.

I wish I could say it was pretty ~ like colorful totes or woven baskets ~ and that you could just run to the Dollar Spot and pick it up.

But, it’s way less exciting than that.

I talked about it in my 2 Minute Tip Video here:

If you’d rather not click on the video, I’ll tell you what I’m talking about:

A plain ol’ timer.

It’s the greatest motivator ever.

I set mine for 30 minutes (you can choose whatever time limit you’d like), and then tackle one specific project.

I try to work quickly “against the clock” and see how much I can finish in that time frame.

I’m absolutely amazed at how quickly a job (that I’ve been dreading for weeks!) can be completed.

Have you ever used the timer trick? Or do you have another insider organization secret for me? Please share in the comments below, and have fun getting organized!!

PS. You can read about the 8 Week Whole House Organization Challenge here.

PPS. If you’d like to join along, this week we’re working on Entryways. You can read all about mine  here.


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