DIY Laptop Stand End Table

This DIY laptop stand end table was a project born out of necessity.

We discovered quickly after moving into our townhouse that there was a problem with where to store everyone’s tech equipment. I found myself stepping carefully in the living room so I wouldn’t smash one of the boys’ laptops! It’s one thing to avoid stepping on legos. It’s a whole different ball of wax when boys grow up and you’re trying not to step on something much more valuable!

We needed a solution that wouldn’t take up too much room, but would easily hold laptops ~ and be easy to access.

Enter this end table:

We discovered it last Summer as we were cleaning out the garage. It had been given to me by a friend and already had lived quite a few lives ~ like here.

It looked like it could be our perfect solution with just a few quick modifications.

My husband measured and cut two scrap pieces of plywood. Each would act as an additional shelf. He painted them Urbane Bronze  and once dried, screwed them into place.

To be honest, I never liked the color in our living room, so I never blogged about it. But, we have been using it  and discovered it was, in fact, a great way to store the laptops.

Now that I’m on an organization mission, I thought it was the perfect time to  give it the honor it deserves.

I was lucky to find some Benjamin Moore paint discounted in the color “Navel”, so that’s the color I used!

(To see a behind the scenes look at some of my “struggles” with this project, check out this Facebook live.)

Here’s how it looks now:

I love it!


It perches nicely at the end of the couch, and the laptops can still be plugged in and reach the chairs or the couch.

The top drawer is the perfect place to store all the cords, chargers, speakers, mouses (mice?) and other tech equipment.


If you are participating in the Organization Challenge with me, what are your living room storage solutions? I would love to hear in the comments below, or feel free to hop on over to Facebook and share your before and after pics.


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