Solving the Lighting Issue

Some of you keen-eyers may have noticed that my basement craft room pictures are a bit “off”…  I’ll tell you what, the lighting down there is TERRIBLE!!!  I’ve tried every photography trick that I know to date (which I know isn’t much…), but it is just “darkish” down there.  In fact, I had to shine a desk lamp on the wall the other day to try to even take a picture of the wallpaper!

light on stool

That was one of the reasons why I never actually worked in my craft space there…

We had a great idea to solve the whole lighting issue, and I even found the perfect track light system at the Restore.  But, alas, upon further investigation, we were going to need an electrician to come and do some fancy work…  Bummer.

So, on to plan B.

We had a light unused in our garage that my husband convinced me to give a try.  I admit, I was sceptical…  It’s a plug in florescent light.  We tucked it up between the joists (a new ceiling isn’t in the plans in the near future…)

new light

This is sort of what the room looks like in real life (on a sunny day!) before the light:

lighting before

And here it is after:

whole room

It shines over my workspace just great!

light shining

{Camouflaging that horrendous cord is on the agenda.}

It does have some funky shadowing on the corners…{I think it looks like light coming down from Heaven.  It should be accompanied by some angelic “Ahhh” music…}  My husband has an idea as to how to fix that.  When he gets back from all his travelling for work we may give that a whirl…

But, for now, I’m enjoying a much brighter work space.

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  1. I am so inspired by your basement renovation! The before pictures look eerily similar to my basement, complete with plywood walls! 🙂 Can't wait to see what you do next! I'll be looking for that beadboard wallpaper I think.

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