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Heirloom Recipe & Christmas Traditions

There are an absolute plethora of amazing, creative holiday parties going on here in blog land.  I find myself going on Christmas House Tours, getting Crafty Ideas, and wishing I had a mantel to decorate!  I discovered a few days ago that today marked another little holiday shin-dig:  Heirloom Recipes.


Oh, my!  You know me.  I love all things sentimental and heirloomy.

As I pondered which recipe I wanted to feature today, my mind wandered to Christmas traditions in general ~ which  led  to thoughts of my mom.

I think I got my love for Christmas from her.  She seemed to take great delight in decorating, baking, wrapping, cooking, entertaining, and just generally corralling the chaos.  I have countless precious, happy memories of Christmases back at the farm.


We found out a few weeks ago that some of our family will be joining us for Christmas this year.  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  To say that we live a long distance from all family members is an understatement indeed.  So, the anticipation of being with family for Christmas is a blessing beyond words.

As I plan and prepare for the days ahead, I find myself thinking often of my mom and the traditions she started for our family for Christmas.  One of the first ones that comes to mind is her famous Steam Pudding.  The recipe was passed down from her Mom – and perhaps even generations before that.

This recipe is different from any other “baking” recipe I do, since it is steamed rather than baked.  I took pictures of the process and wrote out the recipe in a post last year.  You can find it HERE.

ready to eat

It is the perfect ending to a traditional Christmas dinner ~ a moist, molasses flavored cake-like pudding with a rich creamy vanilla sauce over top.

Yum – my!!

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  1. I bet that is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us at the Holiday Heirloom Recipe party. I hope you have a fantastic visit with your family… how special they are coming for Christmas!

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