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Best Christmas Farmhouse Table Decor Items Inspired by Joanna Gaines

In this article: Find  20 best Christmas Farmhouse table decor items inspired by Joanna Gaines.

Best Farmhouse Christmas Table Decor Items inspired by Joanna Gaines | Find sources for farmhouse style Christmas decor that can be shipped to Canada. From linens and greenery to plates and rustic napkin rings, it has everything for a lovely #farmhousechristmas setting. #joannagaines #farmhousetable #canada #fixerupperstyle

Did you hear that Chip and Joanna Gaines are returning to tv? They are! I admit my heart skipped beat and I squealed a little when I read that fact.  Joanna’s style speaks “home” to me ~ and I’m looking forward to watching more of her creativity at work.

One of the problems I’ve encountered here in Canada is that farmhouse style decor is a challenge to find. No Hobby Lobbys are around the corner and vintage and antique finds are fewer and farther between.

Other ladies have voiced their frustration in this matter, too, so I’ve done some sleuthing put together this handy dandy list of items  ~ that can be delivered right to your Canadian door!

20  Best Farmhouse Christmas Table Decor Items inspired by Joanna Gaines

(that you can get in Canada!)

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chip & joanna gaines Christmas Dining Room

Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia House (Photo Source: House & Home)

Joanna uses a lot of greenery and natural elements in her decorating style. I’m sure much is the real deal, but if you’re like me, you might want to opt for the less messy ~ yet lifelike looking ~ faux options.

Fake Cedar Pine Branches

Although different from the traditional Christmas greenery, I’ve noticed some beautiful arrangements with faux eucalyptus. It might even look nice to use it along with Christmas boughs.

Faux Eucalyptus Branches

Artificial Pine 


centerpieces on a farmhouse table

Photo Source: House & Home

One of the easiest centerpieces of all is to stagger candle holders down the center of the table with greenery interspersed. Usually, they are of varying heights, and there are multipes of them. Joanna used glittery silver ones, but here are some other farmhouse rustic options:


Wooden Candlesticks


Black Iron Candle Sticks


Plaid pattern goes so well with farmhouse style. I remember my farmer dad and grandpa always seemed to have some great plaid flannel shirts that they wore all winter long! These classic plaid napkins would be perfect for a Christmas table setting.

Plaid Napkins

Buffalo plaid napkins would be a fun farmhouse look also.

Buffalo Plaid Napkins

If your table isn’t as beautiful as one of Joanna’s, you might want to cover it up with a simple tablecloth. It will hide the imperfections of your table and provide a nice backdrop to the whole tablescape.

My favorite tablecloth choice would be a simple linen one in white or natural. (Be sure to measure and get the correct size for your table.)

White Tablecloth 

I like to keep a set of 4 placemats and a runner on my table at all times. It gives a nod to farmhouse style, and gives the impression that another meal will be on its way. (ha ha!:) You can see my favorite neutral farmhouse tablescape here.

Although “farmhouse striped” placemats weren’t in abundance on the site I was looking at, I did uncover these:

Farmhouse Tabletop Placemat set

It’s hard to tell if this table runner would match the placemats listed above, but it looks like a nice neutral option. I think it would look really nice with the woven rattan plate chargers…

Cotton/ Linen Table Runner

Table Settings

winter dinner party farmhouse table setting

Photo Credit: Magnolia

I enjoyed discovering an article on a Winter Holiday Party hosted by Joanna. Rather than plates, she opted to serve the dinner on wooden cutting boards!

I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do that (and I don’t have all those cutting boards!), but here are some ideas to get a similar look.

  • Woven Wicker Charger Plates can add an element of texture and give a casual feel to a table setting. I have a set similar to these, and I reach for them often.

   Woven Charger Plates

White Linen Napkins 

Dinner Ware

Although there are many beautiful dishes to choose from, my favorite for the farmhouse look is simple white dishes.

6-Piece Dinner Dishes 

Adding a colorful napkin or place card holder (like this simple DIY version) can add interest and holiday style to plain white plates. Another idea is to layer on top a decorative salad plate like this:

Pfalzgraff Winterberry Set of Four Salad Plates 

Or, this solid red plate would look lovely, too.

Rachel Ray Dinnerware Rise Collection

Place Card Holders and Decor

Adding some farmhouse touches through place card holders is a fun way to add another element of festiveness to a Christmas table. Here are a few ideas.

Wood Branch Place Card Holders

Wooden Napkin Rings


In looking over the inspiration pictures for this post, I noticed that they all had something in common ~ black dining room chairs. I thought I’d peruse and see if I could find some ~ and I did! Here’s a wonderful farmhousey option:

Stackable Industrial Chic Dining Room Chairs 

Finishing Touches

I always like to have a little stash of farmhouse style accessories on hand. Jute twine and baker’s twine are 2 staples that I reach for many times. They can be used to tie on place card tags to napkin rings, add a ribbon around a candle stick ~ and are reached for often when wrapping gifts, too!


Red and White Baker’s Twine

Jute Twine

I hope that is helpful for those of you who are on the search for farmhouse christmas table decor in Canada.

And for you Americans, here are some fun recommendations for you!


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  1. Lovely choices, Rita. A lot of these pieces speak to me. My niece just had some of the wooden place card holders at her wedding reception and placed photos of the bride and groom in them. They looked adorable!

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