A Quick and Simple Christmas Table Setting

Holidays are the perfect time to pull out the stops when setting the table. It’s when the rarely used china can make an appearance and carefully thought out centerpieces can be placed.

Sometimes it’s fun to take time with the process and fuss and fiddle ~ like I did for this one and this one.

But, other times, it’s a looming job on the to do list that just needs to be crossed off! For times like that, I have a quick and simple Christmas table setting that will make your guests smile.

A simple Christmas tablescape with gold fabric runner, candle and snowman centerpiece, and layered place setting with gold chargers, white plates, and a paper napkin with a Christmas sweater print folded like a pocket.

Here’s the 5 minute “Recipe” for A Quick & Simple Farmhouse Christmas Table Setting:

Get out your favorite tablecloth and runner.

And seriously, DON’T iron it! Yes, it’s going to look wrinkled and ruffled, but by the time you get all the plates on and that delicious food in the middle, no one is every going to notice a wrinkle or two (hundred…?).

Layer the plates on to placemats or chargers (if you have some).

I find that layering plates alone makes a table feel more “special”. (I really don’t have any idea what the purpose of so many plates are, but somehow, it just seems like more fun on Christmas day to give your bun or salad its own plate!;))

Place something low and rectangular in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. 

Don’t stress over what it should be. Look around your room at the decorations you already have out. Place a tray on the table and fill it up with items of varying heights and add fake greenery. Voila! Instant centerpiece…

(** Here’s where the magic happens and it all comes together)

Grab some festive napkins (these are paper ones from Walmart), add a few folds and turn them into a pocket!

Lay them on the middle of the plate, and place the silverware inside.

I did a video on my YouTube channel to show just how to do it.

I added vintage wood blocks with the initials of the people who will be coming for dinner. However, the possibilities are endless as to how you want to decorate the pockets. You could wrap up little gifts with a name tag tied on, or add a sprig of holly to the top… But, as I mentioned, this is the 5 minute version… Take away from it what you wish!

Place your favorite glasses above each place setting, and you are all set!

For another time saving tip, check out yesterday’s post where I shared a freeze ahead recipe for Christmas morning.

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