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Movie Night in a Bag

When Christmas rolls around, we all find ourselves with the dilemma of finding unique, thoughtful, and doesn’t-break-the-bank gifts for people like teachers, etc… (or even kids’ birthday party gifts).

A few years ago I came up with the idea of a “Movie Night in a Bag” gift. Every thing you need for a relaxing movie night “in” is in the bag ~ popcorn & hot chocolate. It’s tied shut with a tag that can also be used as a gift card holder {if you so choose to include a gift card to a local video rental store}.

movie night in a bag gift idea at harbourbreezehome.com

The bag is small (and durable!) enough for your kids to throw in their backpacks on their way to school. This also can be adapted to be a gift for a whole family, as well. Just include the appropriate amount of “goodies” to accommodate each family member.

Here’s how I make them:

1. Start with a piece of fabric about 9x 22 inches. {I like to rip my fabric and have little fringed edges.)

2. Fold in half and sew up the sides with a 1/2 inch seam. The raw edges will show. That’s great!

movie night in a bag gift idea at harbourbreezehome.com

Stuff it with a package of popcorn and as many packages of hot chocolate as you’d like to include: {You could also include candy canes to be used as “stir sticks” for the hot chocolate. I’ve never tried it, but apparently, it’s yummy!}

movie night in a bag gift idea at harbourbreezehome.com

Make gift tags or gift card holders. (I’ll show you how I did mine tomorrow.)

movie night in a bag gift idea at harbourbreezehome.com

Tie the top shut with raffia, jute, or ribbon, and tie on your tag/ gift card holder.

movie night in a bag gift idea at harbourbreezehome.com

There they are ~ “Movie Night in a Bag”!

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  1. I love your bag! We've done snack night in a bag before and included gummy worms, homemade candies (essentially royal icing dots with flavor and coloring added on sheets of parchment paper), and some sweet/spicy nuts. Thank you this reminds me to do some posts of Christmas ideas!! We have a minimum of 12 kids I want to make snack bags for our jr high Christmas party and realized now is the time to keep an eye on the candy sales.

  2. Oh, I love little homemade gifts like this! I'm all about little themed bags for holidays and this is a great idea! Featuring this tonight. Thanks Rita Joy!

  3. Fantastic idea! My husband is a soldier and mailing gifts back home is often expensive. I want my nephews and nieces to remember us for unique gifts and to know they are thought about so I like to send presents, not gift cards. Last Christmas, to lower shipping costs, I made pillow cases (mostly super heroes fabric as my husband’s side is filled with nephews) and a matching comic book. It was awesome! Your idea will be great for cutting down shipping costs and still giving a special “thinking of just you” gift! Fantastic!!

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