Designing Blog Banners

I have a fascination with blog banners.  I love how each one is so unique and different.  The options and styles are endless.  I guess that’s why many people go into the field of graphic design.  I sort of wish I was one of those graphic designers…  But I’m not.

I do, however, love to experiment and learn as much as I can through online tutorials.  I googled “How To Design a Blog Header in Photoshop” and was amazed at the helpful information I found there. Once I figured out some basics of that program {which is ~ quite frankly ~ completely over my head!}, I saved a working copy (in Photoshop) of my blog banner.  When I get in the mood to change it, I open the working copy and start editing.  It saves a ton of time.

It’s kind of fun to look back and see the past year of Harbour Breeze blog banners.  {Thankfully, I think they’ve improved?}

photoshop blog header


blog title revised


simply home


outlined little days title


fall blog banner 2


light christmas blog banner

and the one I made yesterday for the “new year” look:

starfish banner

I so appreciate the carefully designed and “branded” blog titles out there, and someday I may invest in a designer to do one for me.

But in the meantime, creating simple new blog headers is sort of like rearranging my blog “furniture”~

I like to change it up…


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