Simple Scandinavian Inspired Table Setting and Printable Place Cards

Set a beautiful Christmas table with ease with this simple Scandinavian inspired table setting with free printable place cards.

Setting the Christmas table is my favorite part of Christmas dinner!

(Well…that, and eating it!;)

I like to think of creative ways to make the table special like folding the napkins into Christmas trees or pockets or making place settings to look like wooden gifts.

But, this year I was inspired once again by pictures of simple Scandinavian style.

This table setting idea is so easy that you might think it’s not enough.

But, trust me, it’s amazing!

Simple Scandinavian Inspired Table Setting and Printable Place Cards

This table setting is mostly white, on white, on white…

With a splash of greenery and a fun place card on top.

Here’s how to do it in no time flat.

  1. Start with a white tablecloth. If you don’t have one, even a flat white sheet will do.
  2. Add white dinner plates with white salad plates stacked on top.
  3. Place a napkin on the top plate.
  4. Top with an 18 inch piece of faux garland twisted into a circle.
  5. Finish off with a printable place card with the dinner guest’s name on it.
  6. A wood slice under the glass is a nice, natural element – and in keeping with Scandinavian style.
  7. The centerpiece could be a lovely grouping of white candles.

Simple and elegant!

Print off your free place cards

I’ve created a set of Scandinavian inspired Christmas place cards to help with your holiday entertaining.

To print them off, go to the VIP printables library and enter your secret password.

If you aren’t yet a Harbour Breeze VIP newsletter (with the password on every newsletter!), no problem! Just click the button below to join and get instant access.

Write your guest’s name on the card

I like to use an Ultra Extra FineTip Sharpie marker (affiliate link) for projects like this. Or, you may even want to have your kids help with this step.

I used to love it when my mom would give me the job of place cards!

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