5 Inexpensive & Hilarious Gift Exchange Games

In this article: These 5 inexpensive & hilarious gift exchange games will add excitement and fun to your next Christmas party.

Christmas is the perfect time for friends and family to get together. Parties of all kinds seem to spring up everywhere.

Since “gifts” are part of many Christmas traditions, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to have some Christmas gifts games.

However, do you ever wonder how to organize a gift exchange game without each guest having to spend lots of money? Over the years, I’ve been a part of some really creative and fun gift exchange game ideas. Below are my top favorites.

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5 Inexpensive and Hilarious Gift Exchange Games for Christmas

1. My Favorite Things Party Game

A lady handing over a gift for a Christmas gift exchange game.

Although this requires some careful planning and a strict RSVP number, this idea is so much fun! Here’s how it works:

  • Invite 4 friends to be a part of this event. That means, with you, there will be 5 guests in total.
  • Each guest is instructed to purchase and wrap 4 gifts that are something classified as one of her “favorite things” that costs $5 or less.
  • Choose what order you give your gifts by simply going around the circle or choosing numbers out of a hat.
  • When it’s each lady’s turn, she hands out her gift and explains why it is her favorite thing.

You will be surprised at the hilarious facts you learn about people you thought you knew so well!

You can find a detailed description of how to organize a My Favorites Thing Party here.

2. The Most Bizarre Gift Exchange Game

A group of adults sitting around a table playing gift exchange games.

I have such hilarious memories of playing this with my co-workers a few years ago. All of us were instructed to purchase the most unique or bizarre item we could find in a thrift store for $5 or under.

To add to the hilarity of this game, we added in the opportunity to “steal” each others’ gifts or keep them. I have never laughed so hard as when we opened up gifts that were truly of the “bizarre” nature…

You can read tips for hosting a Christmas party in a small space here

3. The Re-cycle It Gift Exchange Game

Woman opening a gift during a Christmas gift exchange game.

Also known as the $0 gift exchange,  participants are not allowed to purchase anything for this game. Instead, they are instructed to bring something that they already own, but no longer use or need it. It also doesn’t need to be wrapped pretty – just a re-cycled bag will do!

This idea takes away pressure from having to spend any money…not for a gift or even the wrap!

I’ve played this game numerous times over the years and am amazed at the gifts that arrive. I’ve seen everything from lovely magazines (that have already been read, but are ready to be passed on) to beautiful appliances that have never been taken out of the box!

The most hilarious gift award goes to the couple who mis-understood the instructions and thought they were to bring a “white elephant” gift. The dentures and old glasses they brought won the prize for the most laughs…

4. The $5-$10 Gift Exchange Game

A group of people holding gifts before a gift exchange game starts.

Probably the most popular gift exchange gift of all, this is a fun way to play a “left right” game (like the one found here) or the classic “steal” game (as described here), without breaking the bank.

Although it’s a challenge to find creative and inexpensive gift ideas, a great place to keep an eye out for inexpensive gifts is the Dollar Store. You would be surprised at what you find there!

5. The DIY Handmade Gift Game

Little girl giving Grandma a gift for a gift exchange game.

If you’re getting together with some creative and crafty friends, a handmade gift exchange is SO much fun! It might not be classified as “hilarious”, but you will have great fun seeing the handiwork of those around you.

Although I haven’t really been a part of too many handmade gift exchange events, I do like to make some for gift exchanges.

I typically like to give a sign like this, this, or this.

So, there you have it – 5 different ways to organize budget friendly gift exchange game for Christmas parties.

If you’re looking for some more amazing and super creative Christmas party games and ideas, check out what the other 12 Days of Christmas hosts have up their sleeves! You’re going to be amazed…

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Happy Christmas Partying!

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