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Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Craft up this soft and ruffly Christmas tree using an unusual craft supply – coffee filters! Customize its size and shape with cardboard!

Have you heard of coffee filter crafts?

It was a gray and stormy day here a few days ago.  The fire was crackling away, and I was trying to create a perfect perch for my newly acquired birdcage and blingy ornaments.  As I worked away, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed something that was white and soft looking.  I didn’t have any feathers flying around, nor did I have a feather boa that I could repurpose…

Hmmm…what could I do?

As I wandered around contemplating my dilemma, I remembered a photo of something soft and fluffy looking – but it was made with an unusual product –coffee filters!

Turns out,  I had a whole stack of them, and I decided to try to get a little crafty and creative.

How to Make a Simple Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

I realized I needed a base of some sort, so I decided to start with cardboard.

I grabbed the not-quite-empty box of Rice Krispy’s and got to work.  The kids won’t enjoy pouring them without the box, but you certainly don’t want to stop this woman when she’s on a mission!

Supplies Needed for this Christmas craft using coffee filters

  • Lightweight cardboard (like a cereal box)
  • White acyrlic paint
  • Craft paint brush or small foam paint brush
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • A pile of white coffee filters
cardboard base for coffee filter christmas tree

Step by step instructions for a DIY Christmas Tree with coffee filters.

  1. Bend a piece of cardboard into a cone shape and glue the seam together with hot glue. Cut the bottom of it so it stands straight on the table.
supplies for coffee filter christmas tree

2. Paint the cardboard Christmas tree base with white acrylic paint.

3.Scrunch up individual coffee filters to make them tightly pinched at the bottom and fluffy around the top edges.  {It does take quite a few.} Twist the bottom of each scrunched filter and glue on to the cardboard base using a blob of hot glue.

Tip: Work from the bottom up and scrunch up the upper coffee filters to be a little smaller.

coffee filter tree

It was just the soft ruffly goodness I was looking for.

frilly tree

And my husband was very happy when the project was finished…

There were still coffee filters left for the next morning!Smile  {Whew!}

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  1. Rita!! I was just thinking of you yesterday and talking to Teresa about how crafty you are! This is genius! I love it! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season with your sweet family… let’s plan for a coffee together in the new year for sure! xoxo

  2. Oh come on, can’t Irwin just fashion himself a coffee filter out of something around the house? Say, a piece of vintage muslim? It would save a trip on the ferry. Or maybe he could just wait until 10 o’clock coffee? Oh, we really do need to make a trip to your world. Can you pray about that for us? 🙂

  3. I really don’t think Irwin would want a piece of vintage “muslim”! Kind of a touchy subject actually. Too funny! Perhaps a piece of muslin? Actually, Irwin is not exactly a crafty kind of guy in the sense that Rita is. He is more of the man-craft kind.

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