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How to Make a Small Flocked Christmas Tree

In this article: Learn how to make a mini flocked Christmas tree with greenery from the Dollar Store!

DIY Christmas Decor | Learn how to make these adorable mini flocked Christmas trees with greenery from the Dollar Store. They are fun and easy to make! #diychristmas #minichristmastree #holidaydecor #dollarstorecrafts

During a recent trip to our local Dollar Store, I discovered the perfect greenery for mini Christmas trees.

I had been wanting to have a few more mini trees, so I decided to get the supplies and give it a whirl. Making these small flocked Christmas trees was so fun, quick, and simple.

How to Make Mini Flocked Christmas Trees

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supplies to make christmas tree mini

You will need:

  • Floral foam for artificial flowers
  • Small buckets
  • Steak knife
  • Faux Greenery
  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Wire
  •  Snow Spray (I used something similar to this)
  • Buffalo Snow Flakes

Step 1: Cut the floral foam with a steak knife

cutting floral foam the size of a small bucket as a base for a little christmas tree

Since the bucket I was using was wider at the top, I cut it a little wider than the base. Once cut, I firmly pushed the foam into the bucket.

Step 2: Cut the greenery to the height you desire with wire cutters.

using wire cutters to cut faux branches for a christmas tree mini

The greenery that I used was flat on one side, so I used 2 pieces for each tree. I cut them identical lengths.

Once they were cut, I held them together as one in my hand and slowly and firmly pressed them into the center of the floral foam.

If the hole becomes too big in the process and the tree wobbles, stuff a little paper towel into the hole to make it tight.

Step 4: Wire the 2 greenery pieces together with floral wire.

I cut a small piece of floral wire and tied it around the stems of the greenery to hold them tightly together.

Step 5: Add a tree “skirt”

covering up floral foam in a bucket with strips of linen fabric

I wrapped around a ripped 2 inch piece of linen (or canvas) to cover the foam and make a little tree skirt.

Step 6: Add flocking

I added the snowy flocking by spraying the branches with Buffalo Snow. While still wet, I pressed into the white snow some buffalo snow flakes. Then, I sprayed again and let it dry.

They make a really fun little winter edition to our Christmas decor!

If you’d like to see this creation made in real time, head over to my Instagram channel and click on the Mini Tree highlight. You’ll see my big blooper there!;)

diy flocked christmas tree minis

Decor Ideas for these Trees:

  • Place them on shelves in a gallery wall above a couch.
  • Layer them at different heights under the Christmas tree.
  • Place on a bedroom dresser and decorate with small vintage ornaments.
christmas tree minis displayed on small shelves as part of a wall decor arrangement above a couch

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