How to Make Simple & Meaningful DIY Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments Using Fabric

Learn how to make DIY Scandinavian Christmas tree ornaments using fabric and letter stamps.

I love Christmas decor  inspired by Scandinavian hygge – “simple, cozy, and relaxed”.

Some Scandinavian style decor is mainly white  & neutral elements. Although I really love that look, sometimes I enjoy a little splash of color.

Since I had fabric leftover from our flannel pillow covers, I decided to use some for simple DIY Christmas ornaments.

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Supplies you’ll need for these fabric Christmas ornaments:

Supplies for DIY Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ornaments made with fabric.

Step 1: Make a tree pattern the size of ornament you’d like out of paper. Cut 2 pieces of fabric for each Christmas tree ornament.

To make a simple Christmas tree pattern out of paper, decide the width of the bottom of the tree you’d like, as well as the height. Cut out a rectangle that size. Fold it in half. Cut the bottom corner at the open end diagonally to the top to create a  triangle. Open it up and you’ll have a tree! My ornament measures 4 inches wide at the bottom and 5 inches tall.

How to place the hanger on a DIY Christmas Tree Fabric Ornament

Step 2: Cut the baker’s twine or ribbon to 12 inches in length. Make a knot at the bottom and place just below the top of the tree point (on the back side of one tree).

Where to iron on the heat and bond seam tape on the message tag for the DIY Christmas Tree ornament.

Step 3: Using 1/2 inch seam, sew up both sides of the tree, ensuring the twine hanger is sewn between the layers.

Step 4: Rip a plain colored piece of cotton fabric into a strip 3/4 inch wide and fray the edges. Iron on a piece of heat and bond seam tape to the back side.

Stamp personalized words on the fabric message tag of these DIY Scandinavian inspired ornaments. This one says "Peace".

Step 5: Using letter stamps and permanent stamp ink, stamp on whatever word you’d like. Once stamped, peel off the heat and bond backing and iron on to the front of the ornament.

How to add the trunk part of the Christmas tree ornament.

Step 6: Slightly stuff the tree with batting (or shredded paper from the shredded paper bin like I did!). Position the twig “trunk” into the center of the bottom and mark where it will go. Sew up the bottom, stopping where the trunk will be placed. Once sewn, glue the twig in place with hot glue.

3 Red and White DIY Scandinavian Christmas ornaments made out of fabric and stamped with the words "joy, love, and peace".

These ornaments look great hung on the tree.

Or, they could be stamped with people’s names and used as creative gift tags!

DIY Scandinavian fabric Christmas Ornament shaped like a tree with the word "joy" on it hanging in a tree.

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