Simple Christmas Craft ~ Winter Wonderland Ornament

In this article: This simple Christmas craft ~Winter Wonderland Ornament is simple, quick, & inexpensive.

Sometimes it’s fun to pull out my crafty things and come up with a simple Christmas craft idea. That’s how this Christmas tree ornament craft came to be.

This cute little ornament would be perfect to add to your Christmas tree or tie on gifts and is an appropriate crafting project for all ages. If you need to teach some kids (or adults) a Christmas craft, this might be just the solution you’re looking for!

Not only is this simple to make, it also requires  just a few supplies ~ all of which can be found at a Dollar Store!

Supplies Needed:

  • fake greenery (that can be squished small enough to fit through the neck of the ornament. Think leaves and tiny berries)
  • fillable, clear ornament
  • ribbon ~ color of your choice
  • fake snow
  • glue gun and glue sticks

(Unfortunately, I got so focused on videoing this project that I forgot to take pictures along the way. However, you can click on the video link below and get all the step by step instructions of how to make it.)

How to Assemble a Winter Wonderland Ornament:

Remove the top cap of the ornament by gently pulling it from the top. Set it aside.

Fill the ornament one-third full of fake snow. (To do this step, I laid a piece of paper on the table under the ornament. Then, using a glass measuring cup with spout, I poured the fake snow into the ornament. It will be messy! But, the paper will collect the fake snow that falls. Once it is filled to your desired amount,  gently bend the paper in half and pour the snow back into the bag.)

Clip off a small bunch of fake greenery and carefully slip it -facing downward – into the neck of the ornament. Hang on to the end of the greenery and trim it to the length you’d like it to hang down.

Using hot glue, glue the greenery stem to the neck of the ornament.

Attach the ornament cap back on by squeezing the wires inward and pushing down.

Glue ribbon around the top of the ornament, and attach a hanger.

Ta Da! You did it!:)

Simple Christmas Crafts | DIY Christmas Ornaments

Now, hang it in your tree and admire your sparkly, snowy winter creation!

Here’s a little video of this crafty project:

If you want lots more Christmas DIY inspiration, head over to Christina’s Youtube Channel and click on the playlist for this challenge.

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Happy Christmas Crafting!

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