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Easy Handmade Gifts for Her

In this article: Find ideas for easy handmade gifts for her – your friend, neighbor, sister, mother, or any other special lady in your life!

HANDMADE GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS FOR HER | These handmade gifts are perfect for the friend, sister, mom, neighbor, teacher, or any other special lady in your life. #gifts #giftideas #handmade #handmadegifts #christmas #christmasgifts

There are times and occasions when we find ourselves wanting to craft a handmade gift for someone.

Sometimes the “handmade” idea is forced on us (in those creative gift exchange ideas.. ha!), but other times we may want to do so for budgetary reason, or for a special handcrafted touch.

Regardless of the motivation, here are some easy and budget friendly options for gifts for a special lady in your life.

Easy Handmade Gifts for Her

Home Decor Sign

Crafting a custom home decor sign is a fun way to customize a gift to the style of the person you’re giving to.

Some ideas can include:

  • A farmhouse style sign like the one pictured can be made easily with a custom stencil. (Find directions here.)
  • A sign with a favourite Bible verse or saying can be so meaningful and special. (See basic sign making tutorial here. Step by step vidio tutorials are found here.)
  • Creating a sign with the initial of her last name is a fun personalized touch. (See that tutorial and 6 other ideas here.)


Sewing up some pretty sachets with sweet smelling scent infused lavendar buds is a quick and thoughtful personal gift. I used vintage linens at a garage sale to make these, but you could use the fabric and colors of your choice. And, if you aren’t a seamstress, sewing stores carry some great glue options, too!

Decorative Pillows

If you don’t mind sewing a few basic seams, decorative pillows or pillow covers would be an easy option.

Keep your eye out when you look in stores for design ideas. Then use them as inspiration with your own fabric and colors. Another option to traditional fabric is using towels or placemats for pillow covers.

Some of the pillow tutorials I’ve done in the past are:

Message Boards

For a busy lady who wants to create a pretty command center for her home, a custom message board is a gift idea option.

These message boards were inspired by a very pricey option from Pottery Barn, but were made inexpensively using drop clothes, jute, burlap, and basic stamping supplies. (Find the tutorial here.)

Pretty Gifts from your Kitchen

Did you slave away in your kitchen this summer making all kinds of preserves? If so, why not tie on a pretty ribbon, add a label, and tuck it in a gift basket with a fresh loaf of bread! Ahh…that would make a lady (and her family!) very happy!:)

Another great gift from the kitchen is this beautiful Swedish tea ring that freezes so nicely and is perfect for Christmas morning breakfast.

Additional Ideas:

  • Mix up a batch of bath salts & bath bombs, and put in a pretty basket with a candle and book for a “spa inspired” gift.
  • If this lady is a family member, perhaps she might like a photo book or calendar created with  family pictures.

Christmas Gift Guide | Handmade gift ideas for women | These handmade gifts are perfect for the friend, sister, mom, neighbor, teacher, or any other special lady in your life. #gifts #giftideas #handmade #handmadegifts #christmas #christmasgifts


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