Christmas Bookcase Decorating Idea with Twinkle Lights

In this article: Add a festive glow to your Christmas bookcase decorating with twinkle lights and simple traditional decor.

A few years ago, I was struck by the unique and creative idea of adding twinkle lights behind canvas wall art. I loved how they suddenly glowed and added such a soft light effect.

They inspired me to take that idea and blow it up to bookcase size!

Here’s how to turn a bookcase into a glowing backdrop for simple and elegant Christmas decor.

Traditional Christmas Bookcase Decor with Twinkle light backdrop

Christmas Bookcase Decorating Idea with Twinkle Lights

Add Twinkle Lights to the Back of a Bookcase

Step One: Pull the bookcase away from the wall and remove its back.

Yes, this may take some effort and an extra pair of hands, but it will be worth it! Depending on what type of bookcase you have, the back may just be a thin piece of heavy cardboard, or thin veneer stapled on.

Remove it carefully by gently prying off with a flat screwdriver or small crowbar to prevent cracking or breaking.

Step Two: Staple a piece of canvas fabric to the back of the bookcase.

christmas bookcase with twinkles at harbourbreezehome.com

It doesn’t have to look beautiful from the back, but try to staple the fabric tightly from top to bottom and side to side. You want it to be a smooth surface.  A staple gun works great for this step.

Step 3: Staple or hook on a string of twinkle lights

Since the bookcase I was working with was a built in with access to the back, I used 3 screw in mug hooks at the top to use as anchors for the twinkle lights.  (See above pictures.) However, if you’d rather not attach hooks to your bookcase, just staple them on with strong staples at the top.

Step 4: Plug in your lights

Make sure you have a plug in accessible before you position your bookcase back into place. You may need to use an extension cord and creativity to hide it!;)

 Style the Bookcase Shelves with Christmas Decor

christmas bookcase with twinkles at harbourbreezehome.com

This particular arrangement started with Christmas wreaths and sparkly gold ornaments.

christmas bookcase with twinkles at harbourbreezehome.com

Non-Christmas specific items such as white pitchers and bowls from the kitchen, silver trays & cups, and lanterns, and vases were added in.

Books helped offer a way to vary heights of objects.

For more tips on bookcase styling, check out these articles:

With the dark, dreary days here on the West Coast, having this little lighted area in our living room is the perfect cheery little addition!




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  1. Oh my goodness your bookcase is fabulous if it was in one of those pics where you had to guess which one cost the most it would be impossible to guess…you do an awesome job!

  2. Your bookcase is lovely!

    The original inspiration is apparently in Norwegian. If you scroll down below the first paragraph on the left, there is a Google Translate button. You click on that and then select English. Presto chango!

    Visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Love it! Beautifully done Rita. I have twinkle lights up too, As the days get shorter and sometimes gloomy, it brings on joy and warmth!

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