Creative & Beautiful Craft Supply Organization Solutions

Wondering what to do with all those craft supplies? Here are 10 creative & beautiful craft supply organization solutions that might give you ideas for your own space!

A while ago, I created an 8 Week Organization Challenge. to help get my downsized home organized. The last segment of it was how to organize craft supplies. For those of us who like to craft, it’s sometimes hard to figure out how to corral the supplies.

Ideas for How to Organize Craft Supplies

Determine a space you can dedicate for craft supplies.

The first step in creating and organizational system for craft supplies is determining a space you can dedicate to them. Once you’ve determined that, you can choose storage systems, furniture, and design accordingly. I’ve experimented with all kinds of craft spaces over the years. There was this Basement Craft & Laundry Room,

(Get all the details here.)

Try out craft supply organization in different spaces and ways. 

the lovely craft corner storage built into the home we rented (find those details here.), and the time I turned my son’s bedroom into a craft room:

(details here)

However, my craft supplies are currently reduced to a closet space at the top of my upstairs hallway.

(details here)

Although it’s not the most ideal situation I’ve ever had, it works ok for now. I try to keep the supplies I use often easy to reach in and grab.

Use totes and boxes that you already own to creatively store your supplies.  Since I couldn’t quite fit everything into that closet, I stored all my fabrics and sewing supplies in a rolling drawer unit in our bathroom closet. (Gotta love strange townhouse designs!;)) That’s the situation with my personal craft supply situation, but I wanted to give you more inspiration than that!;) I’ve searched the internet for some ideas to get your creative and organizational ideas flowing. Once you determine a space for your crafts, there is no end to the possibilities of how you can arrange & style them.

Here are 10 beautiful and inspiring ideas for craft supplies organization

Use a bookcase

{Source: A Fresh-Squeezed Life}

Design a custom desk & wall space ~ fine-tuned to your specific needs!

{Source: Craving Some Creativity}

Use hanging clipboards to hold important lists and papers.








{Source: Handmade in the Heartland}

Design a work desk with creative storage spaces

{Source: Unskinny Boppy}

Customize attic space for crafting

{Source: A Turtle’s Life for Me}

Make a pretty pegboard organizer










{Source: Pretty Providence}

{Source: Fabric Paper Glue}

Turn a closet into a crafting center

{Source: Beneath My Heart}

Have fun with creative storage solutions ~ like this vintage suitcase!














{Source: Summerland Cottage}

…or this tin can caddy!

{Source: Shabby Chic Inspired}

I hope you have fun getting creative with your craft storage. If you’ve been joining me for these past 8 weeks, thank you! And if you didn’t catch it when it first started, feel free to join the challenge whenever you’d like!

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  1. This was my first time reading your post. From what I saw you have given me several ideas about some things I’ve been trying to figure out. I love the pegboard ideas. When my mother passed I got her Samsonite Train Case. It’s in wonderland condition and my mother could sew anything. I haven’t sewn in years and I’ve been looking for ideas to turn the train case into my sewing basket. How do I sign up for your newsletters if you have them? You have inspired me greatly!!! Thank you 🤗

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