My Striped Little Spot of Happiness

Sometimes I like to dream as if money weren’t an issue.  After all, dreams aren’t held back by real budgets, are they??

So, in my dream world, I would shop at Dash and Albert.

I love them so very much ~ especially their carpets.

The patterns are so fun

blue striped rug

(Birmingham Denim Woven Cotton Rug ~6 x 9  ~ $248.00)

…and happy…

Spinnaker rug

{Spinnaker Woven Cotton Rug ~ 8 x 10 $495.00}

and beach cottagey.


{Marina Stripe Indoor Outdoor Carpet ~ 6 x 9 $405.00}

I could think of at least 6 spots in and outside my house where I’d put one of these, but I’d start with under my Dining Room table.  I’ve been thinking a little jolt of pattern and fun would really add a little somp’n somp’n to that space.

dining room carpet before

I’ve been contemplating trying to paint stripes on the above (boring and blah) rug, but just couldn’t quite picture it.

Then, a little shopping miracle happened.

I was browsing in Walmart the other night and perusing the rugs. There is often a bin of bound commercial carpet and I like to keep an eye on it.

Am I ever glad I did.  Look what I discovered!

carpet after

A commercial bound carpet in stripes!!

It’s fun and happy and beach cottagey…


…and it cost only $34.00!!

Oh, I love shopping miracles!!Smile

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  1. Way to go….now can you pray for a little shopping miracle over here? …..I’m looking for the same thing. :)….well, not exactly the same, but something big enough for under my table, and just as cheap. 🙂

  2. I LOVE shopping miracles too!! You just know they weren’t meant to happen when it works out so perfectly like that! Love that rug… Will have to keep my eye peeled at Walmart for another like it:)

  3. No – darn autocorrect on my IPad! And I’m a teacher so I can’t let it go… ‘were’ meant….

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