Easy Breezy Weekend Reads | Home Ideas

Every weekend I like to compile a list of ideas for you and your home.

This week features free printable decor, watercolor painting tutorials and printables for beginners, homeschooling and kids’ activities resources, and a fashion course that is fabulous!

I recorded a short coffee time chat video talking about different things I discovered this week.

I thought it would be fun to connect this way with a virtual cup of coffee!

Below is the video.

But, if you’d rather just read, the links are listed below.


Easy Breezy Weekend Reads | Home Ideas

Disclosure: This post contains a few affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

Free watercolor printable and watercolor painting resources

This week on the blog I shared a free printable for large art. It’s a very budget friendly large art solution.

Watercolor painting is my new daily “fun” routine. I listed a whole bunch of watercolor tutorials and printable watercolor coloring pages for those of you who’d like to give it a whirl, too!

I’ve listed some basic watercolor supplies in my Amazon Shop for your convenience, too.

Not talked about in the video is this neat idea to make homemade watercolor paints from Lucy at Craftberry Bush!

Fashion help is on the way!

Alison’s Get Your Pretty on Spring Style Challenge and Outfit Formula Course is open! (You can read about how it changed my life and gave me so much confidence here.)

Click here for more information on what the style challenge is and how to sign up. (affiliate link)

Need some Boredom Busters for Kids?

Suddenly find yourself totally overwhelmed with being a homeschool teacher overnight? Holly at Kids Activities Blog has you covered!

Find an entire list of Free Homeschool Resources as well as over 12, 000 posts with kids activities, help for parents, and more!

I recommend highly just joining her newsletter list. Each day you’ll get ideas for you and your kids delivered right to your email inbox. I don’t even have kids at home anymore and I enjoy reading them!;)

Have you found some uplifting, encouraging, creative ideas on the web this week?

Comment below and share them with us. We all thank you!:)

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  1. Thanks Rita, for bringing sunshine into my home with your bubbly personality , cheery outfit (girl, lookin’ good!) and all the fun ways to bring more “life” to life, haha. I will share the homeschool resources with my frazzled daughter and I will check out the art ideas. Have a nice weekend, enjoy the beauty outside the windows, and give Irwin a big hug. He’s such a kind man. He has inspired me to have a telephone ministry too! I am making a list of those who are homebound, have had chemo, caregivers of partners who have chronic illnesses, etc. I love you to pieces , Rita JOY. May God bless you as you bless others. A merry heart does good like a medicine, right?? Good old Proverbs. Big long-distance hug for you! Sharon from NJ

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