Choosing a Room to Redo

The Dining Room is one of my favorite rooms in the house.

dining room

It’s full of history and elements that I love ~ like those beautiful windows with all the little panes.

Over the years we’ve put a fair bit of work into it.  It’s been painted (more than once), and those stencilled curtains were a labour of love.

The problem was, we didn’t USE it much.

whole table ps

Although I wish I could say we’re the kind of people that have large dinner parties on a regular basis, we just don’t.  In fact, we didn’t have even one large dinner party all last year!  (I don’t think I was home long enough to have one…)

curtains by pew

It would also be nice if I could say we gather our little family around this table each night for dinner.  But again, we don’t.

My husband and I have discussed at length what our dream for this room would be.  We wanted to turn it into something that functions better for us, so that we actually USE it more often.

So, when that e-mail came from Benjamin Moore, we knew right away which room we wanted to transform.

Not only did we just want to transform the look of it, we also wanted to transform the function of it.

The main furniture pieces would stay (they’re family heirlooms that I love very much!), but they would have new and improved purposes!

{Any guesses as to what they might be??  Stay tuned for the ongoing saga…}

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