Sisters, Friends, & The Best Peach Pie in the Whole Wide World

Two of the greatest blessings in my life are these ladies:


My sisters.

After we waded through those crazy growing up years where we scratched each other and fought over curling irons, they have become 2 of my very best friends.  Somewhere along the way, our age differences evaporated away.  I just love knowing that if I were in distress and really needed help, they’d have my back.

Problem is, they live over 1,000 miles away…

The phone makes the distance seem more bearable, but I realized long ago that I needed some friends of the “sister” variety  closer to where I actually live.  Friendships like that don’t just happen overnight, so I started praying in earnest about it.

Every year since, I’ve prayed that God would teach me how to be a good friend, and that He would send along a few special friends that would come to know me deep down in my soul…and love me still.

I’ve been amazed and thrilled to watch how God has answered that prayer over and over.  He has sent along friends at just the right time, at just the right place, to encourage and spur me on in areas that I just need a little help and encouragement in.

Kim is one of those friends.  We met years ago.  Our kids are about the same age, and she would bring her little darlins’ over to my island house for sleepover events.  I was in a constant state of exhaustion at that stage of life, and her laughter was just the medicine I needed.

We haven’t stopped laughing since.

kim & i

Kim and her family are planning a special trip to Columbia next summer.  They’ll be going with other individuals and families to help with a mission project to a specific group of people in need in that country.  I’ve been so excited to hear the excitement and passion she has for that adventure, and have at times wondered if  I should maybe pack a suitcase and join them…

In preparation for the trip, they as a family have been doing various things to raise money.   She and her mom decided a few weeks ago to sell homemade baked goods that would be of the bake and serve variety.  I wanted to support this really neat project, so I ordered 2 peach pies.

They came packaged so nicely with a pretty label on top with the directions as to how to bake them.

I wasted no time in popping one in the oven.  Our pantry was bare and I didn’t have the energy to conjure up anything else for supper, so we decided the pie would be a lovely main course…  (Did I mention we’re a little exhausted at this stage in the summer?)

When I took the first bite, I knew my life would never be the same…

Seriously, it was…

best peach pie

They named it “Perfecto Peach Pie”, but I took the liberty to rename it.

I called Kim this morning to ask if I could get the recipe, and then share it with the whole. wide. world.

And you know what she did?

She laughed!

Can you believe it??

She went on to explain how the whole process went down.  I could picture it.

Did I mention she made these pies with her mom?

I know her beautiful mom, too.

She is not only a passionate cook, but a trained culinary artist.  You know, the kind that freezes half the flour and butter before putting it in the recipe, because somehow, she knows it will make the “perfect” crust.

So, in a nutshell:

There is no recipe.

world's best peach pie

But, here’s my recommendation:

1.  Put together your very best, perfect pie crust recipe.

2.  Pour in your favorite peach pie filling recipe – using fresh peaches (and this one had tapioca in it, too, if that helps).

3.  Top it with your yummiest topping recipe for peach crisp.

Make it with love…

and sprinkle with a generous dose of laughter.

I’m quite certain those are the two magic ingredients.

And for those of you who live in my neck of the woods, Kim has just started a facebook page that will announce when the next batches of “Indulgences” will be ready for purchase.

And be careful if they offer any more peach pies.

I’m first in line and I want at least 10!!Smile

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