I’m blogging today while sitting in my sister’s sunny kitchen in Montana.  The coffee pot is perking away and I’m eagerly anticipating a taste of its crème brule flavoured goodness. The house is all quiet at the moment, and I’m kept company by only the dog.  Thankfully he’s happy, as I’m at a complete loss when it comes to pet care.

Our busy summer at camp has come to an end, and before it was entirely over, we piled into the car for a quick road trip.  In the past 6 days, we have travelled many, many miles.  It gives me lots of time to think and ponder all sorts of things.  But, one thing has been on my mind:


This road trip symbolizes not only a change of season in the year, but in our personal lives as well.  You see, there was an important purpose for it.  We needed to take our Son #2 to college.  Whether I was really ready for it or not, the time had come.


Wasn’t it just yesterday he was jumping in the jolly jumper??


Apparently not…

Yes, this is a season of adjustment for my heart.  I won’t deny that it hurts a tad.  But, I’m trying desperately to find the beauty in the change of this season of life ~ just as the change in weather brings the beauty of Fall leaves.


The day before we dropped Joel off at college, we were able to be all together as a family for my in-laws’ 50th anniversary celebration.  It dawned on me suddenly that the moments of us all being in the same place at the same time will be a rare occasion.  I snatched up the opportunity and took a family picture.


(You’ll be seeing that again on our Christmas card!)

Then after getting Joel all settled, we decided to drop down into Montana and quickly see my family.

Did I mention that this trip is quick??

My heart feels as if it’s ripping in two as it catapults between joyous hellos and bittersweet good-byes.  The visits are altogether too short (in my opinion), but I’ve just wanted to treasure each moment.

The moments have also taught me a few more things about “seasons”…


I was only in 6th grade when my first nephew was born.  Yesterday I got to meet his precious little baby girl. (And the baby in the picture above is his brother’s less-than-2-week-old little girl.)  Oh…so, so sweet.


And, my dear mom.  I’m so grateful I got to hug her neck.

That’s a story for another day…

And, so for right here, right now, I’m treasuring these few days with my sister and her family.  Then we head back home again.

Our youngest son will head to school (a week late) and I will need to figure out what the next season will look like for me.  Hmm…I sense the winds of change blowing in.  I wonder where it will lead?

(And, I’m pretty sure that when the picture was snapped of me and Joel, he was saying, “This better not end up on the blog!”…oopsy.  I guess it did after all!:)

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  1. I can’t believe Joel is going to college either…I feel like it was just last summer that CIT-Me was shooing him out of the tuck shop 😛
    Obviously I need to get with the times. That was probably ten (!) years ago…
    Also I would like to mention that you look fabulous and it has been too long since I’ve visited with you Harders! Next summer…

  2. We were so glad you got to be here for a fast visit! It was so good to see you! I hope you have safe travels home and can rest a bit before the cooking begins! We will pray God sends you a cook soon! Thank you for coming to our part of the world!

  3. Where is Joel going to college? I find this a super hard season!!! As I type Dave has just left to take Jordan to a new team(he was traded) that is not nearly as close by. And we just dropped Riley off for his 2nd year at University……how did we get here??Safe travels my friend!! ps. I haven’t had them all together to get a Christmas shot….photo -shop:) This will be the first year ever!!! I have always at least had a photo shoot in the summer:(

  4. Hello Rita,
    I can hear the sadness in the tone of your blog. I will never forget the day when we dropped off our son at university 6 yrs.ago. I knew life would now change forever. He was the baby. And then he met a girl. And God called him to a distant province. And then, I had to watch him pull out of our driveway, here in Ontario and begin his new adventure, a new chapter in his life,on a drive to Newfoundland. Without me.
    For such a time as this, we have been preparing our children. A mother’s calling is bittersweet. It is a struggle sometimes. We miss them but are glad they are following Gods call on their lives. And that is more important than having them by our side.
    So enjoy your last born! Make every day count with him. And know, there is some great new season awaiting you in the future.

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