Home Sweet Home {with lights on!}

We’ve had an interesting past few days around here.  My husband and I headed to the lower mainland (near Vancouver) for a retreat on Tuesday.  We intended on being home last night.

The weather changed our plans.

Howling winds and wild ocean conditions shut down the ferry service needed to get back on our island.

Meanwhile, “back at the ranch” (that is, our house) our boys were texting us constantly.  (Don’t worry, they’re old enough to be on their own!)

“The power’s out now.”

“We’re in the van watching a movie.”  (That one made us laugh! Now that’s creative! )

“Help!  We’re so bored!”

“Oops!  We broke that antique lamp thing.”

Thankfully, this morning we got a text… “Hurray!  The power’s on!”

And we were grateful for the ferry that was running and the sky that was blue.

We’re finally home.  It feels so good.  And the lights are still on.  Hallelujah!

Tomorrow morning I head off (on a little ferry ride) to another craft fair.

I hope the storm season takes a day off!Smile

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