Here Comes the Sun

Last week I spent a few days with my husband and our full-time staff couples at a beautiful, fancy schmancy camp for a camping conference.  It was nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and trees.

photo (14)

The crisp, cold mountain air took my breath away, and I loved to hear the crunch of the snow as I walked from building to building.  For me, the days were filled with great conversations and inspirational speakers.

There were many moments that were encouraging, but the first one was so unexpected.

It was the start of another day and we were sitting in the first group session.  A singer songwriter friend of ours (Corey Doak) was performing a few happy tunes to greet the day.  At that point, the songs weren’t of “worship” nature, but as the cadence and tune of his guitar changed, the words of the song brought instant tears to my eyes…

Here comes the sun”

photo (13)

Little Darlin”

Honestly, the song is one I’ve heard but never really paid attention to before.

it’s been a long cold lonely winter”

snow branch

I didn’t realize what a song of HOPE it was.

I could identify with the “cold lonely winter” analogy…and the one that says “It seems like years since it’s [the ice] been clear”…

It’s been a challenging year for me, personally.  Thankfully, I’ve lived through enough life to understand that the valleys won’t last forever…

My husband and I have been joking for months that we are so ready for good news.

In the meantime, we try to plug away step by step in faithfulness trusting that God has everything under control even if we don’t understand.

Here comes the sun”

mountain 2

As those beautiful, happy words hit my ears, I realized that (finally!?), I see a little peak of the glow of the sun.

For me, it’s coming in the form of a dear lady who will be coming to cook at our camp.

To say I’m relieved is an understatement indeed.

…But, the “sun” hasn’t appeared yet.

She arrives around April 1st (or perhaps a little sooner).

Until then, I must keep pressing on.

photo (10)


I told someone the other day, I feel like an Olympian trying to make it to the finish line.  It’s in sight now, and I want to finish well…but these last steps are proving difficult.

My fibromyalgia kicked in overdrive yesterday ~ suddenly and unexpectedly.

{So, if I’m on your prayer list, please don’t stop praying for me yet!}

rockridge mountain 1

I have 3 days until the next hungry group arrives, so I’m relaxing in my Lazy boy and savouring each moment while I “sit down”.

lifeguard building ps

It’s family day here in Canada, and I’m loving this time here at home with my family.

So, wherever you are today ~ whether in the sunshine or storms ~ I pray that your heart will be filled with the joy that hope brings.


Here  is James Taylor’s version of the  little ditty that I’ve been humming lately:

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  1. I’ll be praying for you. I knew the cooking and all you have had to do has been hard on you but you always sound so upbeat that I didn’t realize how just how difficult it has been. I will be praying. Praise God for April 1st!!

  2. Beautiful post and photos! I just had a thought that if “Here Comes The Sun” is a song of hope, it can also be heard as “here comes the son,” as in Jesus, to remind us that he will return one day and to remain hopeful.

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