I’m Back!!

After almost 2 weeks in the repair shop, I’m finally typing this post on my new computer.  I’m trying desperately to become friends with this new piece of technology, but, honestly, we haven’t had a very good start to our relationship…  We’ll just have to take this little journey one baby step at a time.  I’ve just downloaded my favorite blog editing software (Livewriter), and this is my test to see if it’s working correctly.  It looks a WHOLE lot different than it did on my previous computer, so we’ll see.

And for those of you who are curious about my digital photo retrieval process ~ there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that organizing the pictures that were retrieved didn’t take long.  The bad news is that out of 6 years of photos, about 1 (or maybe 2?) year was retrieved.  BUT, the other good news is that I have 211 grad pictures of one son and 2 of the other.  (You can’t believe how happy I am for the 2 we have.  Some is better than none!)  Many lessons were learned in this process…and now we’ll just move on with life.

I’m hoping to take lots of pictures today and proceed with a few festive posts.  I have so much to write about I can hardly stand it!!

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