Taking Time…

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our 21st Anniversary.  Well, actually, it was right in the middle of a big ol’ family camp (as it has been for the past 21 years!), so we didn’t really do any “celebrating”…

However, we just snuck away for 2 nights to the place we went on our honeymoon – Victoria, BC.  Little did we know when we chose that destination that many years ago that we would end up living only a 4 hour drive away…for 19 years!

Some dear friends loaned us their son’s basement suite (bless their hearts) and we spent yesterday here…

coffee cup

The Butchart Gardens.  Oh my.  It. Is. Beautiful.

Flowers as far as the eye can see…

upper view

mass of pink flowers

We had gone there 21 years ago as well.  Much is the same as it was then.  But this time, we each had a camera.


We spent the day trying to figure them out. (These pictures are all SOOC.  I haven’t done any editing yet…)


I discovered on this one that if I set my “Picture Control” setting to “Portrait” (as opposed to “vivid”), the skin tone is a much nicer color.  (On “vivid”, my  husband looked slightly green! See his hands in the above picture to see what I mean.)

I played a lot with the aperture setting to see if I could get better at getting one thing in focus and the background all blurry. {I’m certainly not ready to teach any classes yet!}

Whirlajig Daisy

(This is our favourite flower of the day…The “Whirligig Daisy”.  Isn’t it hilarious?)

They have really neat architectural features and pathways…



And as the sun went down, we sat with {thousands!} the crowd to see an amazing fireworks show…

I wish I could insert a picture now to give you an indication of the breathtaking beauty of the whole event…But, alas, I forgot my tripod…and honestly, I didn’t have a clue how to photograph it!


This was the best I could do…


It was a decadent treat to get away during this busy season of the year…

To soak in the beauty…


And to take the time…


…to relax…


…and smell the roses…

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Apparently August 1990 was a good year to get married 🙂 It's the month of our anniversary also! Thank you for sharing your time away and the beautiful scenery!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary. You took some great photos! It's good to get away. 🙂
    Thanks so much for your recent visit,

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