Accessorizing with Nature

While watching the Nate Berkus show one day, Nate mentioned something that stuck with me.  He said he almost always includes an element of nature in every room he decorates.  I love that!

Not only does it add texture,


and color,

horse chestnut

it also brings the beauty of the outdoors inside!


A little pile of shells can be a reminder of a vacation at the beach

pitchers with flowers

and sticks in a vase can be a reminder of a Fall stroll in the park…

fall wall arrangement ps

…or, they can just mean you went out to your yard and clipped some when you needed a little “shelf filler” – like I did!Smile

If you need thrifty accessory ideas…just look in your backyard.  You’ll be amazed at what you find.

What natural elements do you like to decorate with?

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  1. I love adding touches of nature to my home as well. Your items of nature make your home look lovely! I’ve been enjoying your 31 day series, how to make your home uniquely you.

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