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Small Laundry Room Reveal

Make the most out of a small laundry room with clever ideas for laundry room storage, decor, and organization.

This throw back post of when we first moved to our townhouse is a fun reminder to look back every once in a while and see how much things have changed. Since this first little mini laundry room makeover, we did another weekend laundry room refresh.

We haven’t really done anything since then. Although it’s a small space, I really like it. And, I’m grateful for washing machines & dryers!;) – especially when they work properly!


Of all the plans and dreams I had on the go for our new place, the laundry room space wasn’t even on my radar!

It’s tucked at the end of a narrow hallway off of the kitchen, and up until the new year, all was right in its world.


When I painted the kitchen on a whim one day, I went ahead and painted this hallway, too. Except, I didn’t try to tackle the area directly behind the washer and dryer.

old washer before

As you can see, the appliances took up most of the space, and I couldn’t figure out where to move them so I could paint behind! Although a bit hard to tell in pictures, both the washer and dryer were set up on pedestal drawers. The drawers provided a great storage spot for things like cleaning cloths, lightbulbs, and odd things like waterproofing spray.  However, since they were on pedestals, I couldn’t reach that shelf up there for anything…

feature wall after ps

Although they seemed a bit large for the space, I loved them. Until the washing machine decided it was completely finished washing clothes. I was so sad to see it go…

But, the silver lining to this cloud was that we now had the opportunity to clear some space and paint behind!!:)


As we were thinking through all the details with buying a new washing machine, we made a major decision that completely changed the design of this space.

laundry room before horizontal with words

I decided to get a top loading machine.

So, out went the pedestals, and in came a whole new look!

laundry room after ps

Ideas for Small Laundry Room Organization

One of the challenges of this space is that it’s right outside the door to the main floor powder room. It’s a place where guests walk through often, and I didn’t want it to feel like a walk in cleaning closet!;)

1.Add laundry shelves above the washer & dryer for storage.

So, I relocated all the cleaning supplies to other concealed areas and put up some shelving that extended the whole width of the space. Of course it could be used for practical things like baskets and bins of useful items. But for now, it’s holding mostly pretty things.

laundry and kitchen after ps

2. Add a curtain to hide the plumbing pipes

The little white curtain is my “farmhouse  style” way of concealing the ugly pipes and faucet box in the wall.

3. If you don’t have laundry cabinets, put basic laundry supplies in pretty containers that are easy to reach.

I like to put my laundry detergent in a clear glass jar with a scoop where it’s easy to reach on the shelf.

A tray on the top of the dryer is a perfect place for dryer balls.

4. Add art for some fun farmhouse laundry style.

I spent some time researching art to put on the wall, and ended up doing some printables. It’s one of my favorite parts of the room.

printables close up ps

The big frame in the middle is one I bought on clearance years ago. It was dark brown, so I pulled out my chalk paints and gave it a whole new look. (Tutorial to come.)

printables wall

Bless Our Nest Printable | Arrows & Polka Dots Printables | Feathers Printables

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere (Also found here and here.)

For more laundry room inspiration

Small Laundry Room Reveal

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  1. Hi Rita
    I love your laundry room. The colour is beautiful! I think I need to go to BM to get a sample 🙂 How did you attach the feather printables to the wood? And did you make the wood boards that the feathers is onto, yourself? So pretty! Thank you for the links to the printables.

  2. Hi, thank you for your tips and examples. We are also planning a minor refurbishment of the laundry room, and above all we are looking for a good local electrician who will help us make good wiring to safely connect all appliances.

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