Bathroom Ideas Inspired by Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper

I have been inspired by Joanna Gaines’ bathroom designs on Fixer Upper. Her style is welcoming, relaxing and full of practical ideas. As I’ve been working away at  accessorizing our bathroom for Spring, I spent a little time researching bathroom decor, and looked for similar ideas & styles to those Joanna uses.

Every bathroom has it’s own floor plan and quirks, so I looked for ideas that might adapt to specific areas and problems I’m trying to address.  Maybe some of these inspirations might help you solve a problem of your own.  Here’s what I found:

Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

I love the styling of these bathroom shelves by Not Just a Housewife. I have shelves like these in both of our bathrooms…so now I must work on styling them!;)

Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

I love everything about this modern farmhouse bathroom makeover at Bless ‘er House ~ the shelves, the mirror frame, the styling, and the beautiful fresh color of the room.  Beautiful!

Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms | Inspiring bathroom ideas @harbourbreezehome.com

What on earth do you put above the toilet? Our house came with an upper cabinet, but I discovered this new creative idea ~ a ladder! Cute and unique. You should check out the whole bathroom reno. You won’t believe what it looked like before!

Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

In the course of my bathroom research travels, I discovered a new to me blog ~ A Thoughtful Place. In it, she has a series called “Fixer Upper ~ The Takeaways“. Oh, mercy, I could spend hours pouring over those pictures. The above bathroom is one designed by Joanna Gaines herself.

Do any of these bathrooms inspire you?

PS: To see the bathroom makeover in our previous home, click here. (I still love the Seasalt color that was on those walls…)

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