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Where to Find Affordable (or Free!) Vintage Art Prints Online

Add personality to an empty wall space with beautiful and affordable vintage art prints you can find online.

What if I told you that you can find the exact vintage art piece online – for free – that is sold in stores for hundreds of dollars?

Surprise – you can!!

Have you ever heard of the term “public domain art”?

If not, here is the definition to explain it:

When a piece of creative work is no longer protected by copyright, it’s considered “public domain” art. Artists can lose copyright protection or the right to profit from a piece of art by surrendering or transferring it. Alternatively, copyright owners can “dedicate” or deliberately place work in the public domain. Copyright can also expire or be taken away due to ineligibility. In the US and in countries of the European Union, copyright protection lasts the lifetime of the artist plus 70 years after their death. So once artwork no longer has copyright protection and is “in the public domain,” those who access it can use it freely without having to seek permission from the artist or last owner.


That means, the vintage art prints that many people consider “trendy” (like this Studio Magee art) are actually super old and in the public domain category – making it free to copy, use, or sell!

collage of 5 vintage art pieces

The Challenge of Finding Vintage Art Prints

There are many places to find free vintage art prints that are public domain. However, you may find yourself scrolling for hours and hours trying to hunt down what you’d like.

Where to Find Vintage Wall Art Prints Online

  1. If you are up to the challenge searching through sites with public domain images, you will find this article on the best free public domain sites super helpful.
  2. Another way to narrow down the search for vintage art prints is to search the term “free vintage art prints” and look at the options that come up. Many bloggers (including me!) have a free printables library that include vintage art prints. If you want to access my free printable library, click here for all the details!
  3. Etsy has many shops that have printable vintage art prints for very reasonable prices.

A Collection of Affordable or Free Vintage Landscape & Art Prints

I recently spent time researching online sources for vintage art prints, as I was looking for the perfect print to fit in with my Coastal Grandmother style living room.

I thought you might enjoy the collection of prints I found, and you may just want to try one, too!

Vintage Artwork Prints from Rawpixel

Rawpixel is my favorite site for vintage art prints. I have a free account and download the (free public domain) images I’d like to use as wall art. I just like to make sure they are a dpi of 300, and I download a large size.

(Click on the source at the bottom of each picture to be taken to the source.)

View in the Bentheim Forest – Roth
Clipper Ship Three Brothers

Vintage Art Prints Sites on Etsy

Disclosure: The following product links are affiliate links.

There are some absolutely gorgeous Etsy shops that provide vintage art prints that are formatted and ready to print in various sizes. Here are some of my favorite shops with links to specific prints I love:

Vintage art print of Monet painting hanging above a couch.
This vintage art print – by Claude Monet – was printed at our local Staples store and hangs above our couch.

Where to Print Public Domain Art Downloads

Once I download an art printable from a public domain site, I take it into a program like Canva to format it to the size I need. Once it’s formatted to the right size, I save it as a high quality PDF print in my pictures folder. Then, there are a few different options to print vintage art prints:

  • If you are in need of prints no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches, you can print them on your home printer. I recommend using a cardstock weight paper for a nice finish.
  • For small or large prints, I recommend having them done at a print shop like Staples, Office Depot, or your favorite local print shop. You can often send the file to be printed to them online, or you can put it on a USB stick and take it in to have it printed.

I just had the largest print I’ve ever done – in a poster size on matte paper at Staples- and I just love how it turned out! It’s pretty fun to have a Claude Monet painting on my living room wall that I only paid $28 Canadian for!

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  1. This is so neat, Rita! I had no idea you could do this – thank you for sharing! And I love that the ones you shared fit in so well with the coastal Grandma style (the Grandma in me approves). 😉

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