The Little Cupboard that Could

Years ago, a friend gave to me what she called her “sewing desk”.  It has become a very important piece of furniture in our houses.

I did some decorative painting on it to match the “French Country” thing I had going on in our previous house.

previous kitchen

(In our previous house.)

Then, after a stint as a “stand in counter” in our current house, it’s now down in the new craft room.

I admit, it’s not real pretty to look at, but it sure does function well.  However, I am so over that decorative painted stuff.

I wanted it to blend into the room, not scream for attention.

Yep, blend not scream…

So, when I was in my painting frenzy the other day, I painted it two coats of white (straight out of the can- no tint) by Behr.

Here it was before:

cupboard before

And here it is now:

sewing desk after

It’s not exactly swoon-worthy.  But it’s blending ~ not screaming.

And for now, that’s a good thing.

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  1. Definitely blends in quite nicely!! Good job! I really think it is wonderful that you are showing folks that they can have a whole new space with items they already own. Isn't paint a many splendored thing?!

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