Beach Cottage Bathroom Inspiration ~ Vanities

Yesterday I introduced you to our main bathroom.  I also explained that I’m in the dreaming and scheming stage of the decorating process.  A large dose of inspiration pictures is where I like to start.

In the next few days I’ll be showing you our {little} main bathroom piece by piece and then some inspiration pictures.

Sound like fun?  I hope so.

Today we’ll start with challenge number one:  The Vanity.

Here’s ours, complete with avocado green and gold beaker {or is it “barker”??} board on the walls, a warped countertop, light switch with no cover, and doors that…well…can I just say I think they’re really ugly?  I don’t mean to sound whiny, though.  It functions quite well despite its out-dated looks.



I’ve been looking for over a year at every thrift store I’m in for options for a new one, but so far haven’t found the perfect thing.  But, here’s some ideas that I find quite delightful:

Source: bhg.com via Rita on Pinterest


This is ~ hands down ~ my favorite kind of bathroom vanity – a converted old dresser.

Source: houzz.com via Rita on Pinterest


Isn’t this one creative?  It’s a drop-leaf sewing machine table!  How cool is that.  I also love that big ol’ bowl-like sink ~ although I wonder how practical it would be in my house.

Source: houzz.com via Rita on Pinterest


And, finally, I just love the whole “feel” of this look.  Crisp, fresh, sparkling white with the perfect blue-gray walls and beach accents.

Isn’t it fun to dream?

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  1. Hi Rita Joy! It has been so long since I’ve been able to visit. 🙁 *shame*
    I’m trying to be better at visiting my bloggy buddies. Your bathroom will look beautiful, and I love your inspiration pics! Hope you are doing well, you have been in my thoughts!

  2. Hello Rita Joy!
    Been following your blog for awhile. Wonderful transformations! Love everything you do!
    We have a similar bathroom size and layout. It’s our only bathroom so it has to work hard. We had to renovate after being in our home only 6 mos. and I wish we would’ve had more time to really explore all the options. And save more money.
    It had a vanity which we changed out for a pedestal sink, with a wide rim to hold a makeup bag, or a blow dryer. I keep extra t.p. in the basket on the toilet tank. I had a tall,glass fronted cabinet made and had it set into the wall over the toilet. It holds hair products, makeup bag,everyday toiletries. I kept the porcelain, art deco wall sconces and placed a large, round, 40’s mirror between them. The one regret I have is putting natural, wood wainscoting (or also known as beadboard) halfway up and all around the room. It certainly goes with all the reddish brown trim work throughout our Craftsman home. But I have really grown to love art deco tile work in bathrooms. But there was no time to do my homework , no time to really peruse mags, no time to save that extra bit of money. We replaced the original ,built in porcelain tub ,which was in really bad shape ,with a pedestal, porcelain tub that sits almost right against the wainscoting. This makes tiling out of the question now. It took 3 men to carry that tub in. We have a tub shower with a D shaped curtain rod and from it hangs a 3 compartment caddy, which holds shampoos,soap,etc. Homesense has great, stylish, storage items for the bathroom.
    All extra toiletries, meds, lightbulbs are in dollar store bins in a hallway built in cupboard. Extra towels in built in drawers under the cupboard. But a dresser, or free standing cupboard kept on the same floor, would work too. If my kids were still home, and sharing the bathroom, I would get one of those beautiful ,chrome,over the door towel hooks. Some of them hold 3 towels!
    Anyway, those are some of my storage ideas. It all seems to work well for us. I just painted my bathroom that popular pale turquoise. Bringing in some “seaside” touches from Cape Cod,where we like to vacation.

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