Rearranging my Little Blog Home {and WordPress Thesis Resource}

I love to read articles about web and blog design.  Most say how important it is to “brand” your site with a recognizable logo, header, font, etc.

I understand the concept.  Really, I do.

The problem is, I get bored.

Every now and then, I just need to stir things up around here.  {Not unlike my never-ending compulsion to rearrange furniture and wall decor.}

Take the header, for instance.  A few months ago, I slaved away for hours and hours and came up with this:

pictures pinned

But recently, it wasn’t working for me.  It was time for a little change.

So, I apologize if it looks a little less “recognizable” today, but be assured, it’s still me ~ just with a slightly new look ~

My blog that is.  Not me.

I wish I could say I look slightly different – like perhaps being 20 pounds thinner…

But, no, that would be my husband.

I’m happy for him, really.

{And a teeny tiny bit jealous…}


Oh my, I digress.  Back to blog design.

As I’ve been staring at my computer for hours on end trying to learn a little more about blog design, I discovered a great resource for WordPress Thesis users (like me).

Let me introduce you to Jupiter Jim.

Jupiter Jim makes awesome video tutorials for all kinds of things WordPress Thesis related.  He explains things clearly and gives me courage to copy and paste all that {scary!} garbly goop CSS code.

I know it may sound silly to some of you…but others of you may identify with my 2 hour struggle to figure out how to center the nav menu under the header.  I’m always thrilled beyond words when I finally find the proper information that solves my blog design dilemmas.

I did hope to do a bit more, but for now my bug-eyes need a bit of a computer break.

{P.S.  If you are a WordPress Thesis user, I’d love to hear what resources you use to customize your site.  I’ll check them out when I get another burst of blog design energy.}

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