How to Make Over a Kitchen in 7 Days

Sometimes the realities of life give you a very motivating timeline.

I had been conversing with my sister for months about the struggles she was having with her kitchen. The fact that we live exactly 793.9 miles apart (plus an ocean between) doesn’t make me much of a help most of the time ~ other than lending a listening ear.

But, as I was planning my epic 3 part vacation, we decided to build into the plan specific time to work in her kitchen. We had 7 days. Each day had to count!!

Here’s How to Make Over a Kitchen in just 7 Days:

Define problems.

Before anything was started, we talked lots about what was working and what wasn’t in her kitchen. It came down to two things.

  1. Function:

how to make over a kitchen in 7 days

and 2. Form (appearance):

Organize First!

Although we were both chomping at the bit to do the “pretty stuff” first, we determined that the more important task at hand was to organize the inside of the cupboards so that it was more user friendly.

We did this by emptying out every cupboard, drawer, pantry, and hutch.

I laid every. single. thing.  out in categories on her living room floor. Then one item at a time, I had her choose what she wanted to keep and what she wanted to get rid of.

I gave her permission to get rid of anything that she didn’t love, use, or need.

This part went relatively quickly, as Becky was able to make quick decisions about what she really wanted to keep and use.

Once the decisions were made, I boxed up the donations and arranged all the “keep items” in the cupboards.

Keep moving forward with the goal in mind…

Having only 7 days to finish this project was very motivating. Because we had a definite (and un-moving) end date, we had to keep moving! We took breaks as needed, but mostly we kept working step by step ~ doing the next thing that needed to be done, until it was all done.

Adjust the plan when necessary.

Around day 4, it was apparent that I couldn’t get everything done that I wanted to do in the allotted time. We then sat down and prioritized what I would do, and what my sister and husband would do after I left. Case in point:

I wanted to turn this under-used closet space (beside the fridge) into an appliance garage with shelves for the storage of all her appliances. We had the plans made and how we were going to do it, but I was running out of time (and energy). My brother-in-law said that I could scratch that off the list and he’d do it after I left.

(He did, and I can’t wait to share the after picture with you later.)

Have fun making it pretty!

Once all the cupboards were put back in order (and there was lots of great breathing space), it was time to start thinking about updating the look and style to more accurately fit her family.

The wallpaper border came down ~ along with an awkward cupboard.  New paint was rolled onto the walls, and we searched and shopped for the perfect accessories and decor.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you the results of this quick 7 day makeover!

(Don’t you just love the suspense??;))

how to make over a kitchen in 7 days


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