Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Her in 2021

In this Holiday Gift Guide for Women, you’ll find top Christmas gift ideas for “her” in 2020- whether that be your wife, mom, mother-in-law, sister, or friend. There’s something for every special lady in your life!

Christmas gifts are one of my favorite parts of the holiday. I find it fun to search for them, wrap them, and yes – receive them as well.

However, sometimes it’s tricky to find the perfect gift for all those people on the list. This year, I decided it would be fun to put together some gift guides that might help you find what you’re searching for.

This first group of wish lists for women was compiled with the help of my friends on Instagram. I asked them recently what was on their actual Christmas wish lists. What you find below were some of their answers.

Top Christmas Gifts for Her in 2021

2019 Gift Guide for Women

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I was surprised at the many tech items that were on the ladys’ wish lists! I shouldn’t be surprised, though, as I personally use and love a few of the “wished for” things. Top of the list of my favorite tech items is an Ipad mini (I have the Ipad mini 4 with 128 GB of storage) and this case. I also enjoy the Alexa to play music whenever I ask her to. Bluetooth ear buds were an often asked for item – with the hot new Air Pods on the top of the list.

Best Techie Gifts - Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2019


  1. Fitbit Versa – If your girl is a goal setter and tracker, then this is the perfect thing for her! The Fitbit Versa helps track things like activity, sleep, and weight. Reminders can be set to help reach specific goals.

  2. Convertible Cuff Tech Gloves – Keep your fingers nice and toasty in those cold Winter months with these gloves you don’t have to take off to answer that all-important text!

  3. Ring Doorbell Pro – This is part of Amazon’s home security and smart home system. It allows you to answer your doorbell with your smartphone! (What??)

  4. Ipad mini – I use and love this on a daily basis. Don’t tell anyone…but I use this instead of a cell phone! The screen is bigger, I can text my family, do Facetime calls, and Instagram stories on the daily. It slips easily into my purse and I take it with me everywhere. Worth. Every. Penny. (And, bonus, I pay NO monthly fee to have it!!)

  5. Air Pods with Charging Case – I confess – I didn’t even know what these were until someone mentioned it on their wish list! Apparently they are a HOT NEW ITEM, people!! They are the best thing since sliced cheese, I’m told. These rechargeable bluetooth ear buds are by Apple, and have all kinds of fun and pretty accessories along with them!

  6.  Dock Wireless Charger – This charging dock is a pretty little practical thing for tech that looks  like decor!

  7.  Car Air Vent Clip for Cell Phone – We have one of these babies in the air vent of our car at all times. My husband’s phone perches there whenever we go anywhere. They work great and would make a thoughtful, practical stocking stuffer gift.

  8. Iphone/ Ipad Stand – This one is on my wish list! Every time I take my Ipad to the kitchen and open it to follow a recipe, I wish for a stand for it. I’d like to protect my device from liquid and food gunk! I think this sleek little design is a winner.

  9. Bluetooth Ear Buds – If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to the Air Pods, these pretty pink bluetooth ear buds might be the perfect thing.

  10. KeySmart Pro Tracker & Locator  – Ever wish your keys could have a tracking device? Now they can – using this nifty system!

  11. Amazon Alexa – I received this as a gift last year. Although it can be programmed to do many things, I use it most often to play music.

  12. Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable :This wish list item proves that what goes around comes around! This retro item is now a trendy new one!

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The fact is, most of us ladies spend at least some time each day in the kitchen. I, for one, am NOT a passionate cook. But, boy am I grateful for those who are.

If the person you’re shopping for is looking for some special things to spice up her kitchen, below are some options for you. Wooden charcuterie boards are a hot, trendy item this year. When they aren’t serving up a beautiful display of cheese, crackers, and savory treats, they make a great decor item in the kitchen.

After spending nearly 2 years cooking in a commercial kitchen, I can’t stress enough how decadent and important a really good chef’s knife is. Not only does it save tons of time in the prep department, it’s much safer, too.

Appliances are a sort of a personal thing depending on the type of cooking that is preferred. If baking is of utmost importance, nothing beats an amazing mixer. The Instantpot has hit the world by storm, claiming to make mealtime prep faster – and the air fryer can give that fried flavour people love without all the fat!


Best Gifts for the Kitchen - Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2019


  1. Magnolia Table Cookbook – The pictures are as beautiful as the recipes look yummy!

  2. Turquoise Dutch Oven by Pioneer Woman – I love the pretty color of this kitchen must have!

  3. Stripe Apron – A pretty apron can make us all feel like the Top Chef!;)

  4. Kitchen Aide Mixer – Is there ever a Christmas without this being on someone’s list?

  5. Vintage Charcuterie Board – These beautiful serving pieces come in all sizes and shapes. This particular one was found on a lovely Etsy shop site.

  6. Chef’s Knife – The Henckel brand is well known for its high quality. I used these in the commercial kitchen I worked at. They were amazing. Just make sure they are sharpened when necessary by a professional sharpener.

  7. Cast Iron Pan – This classic cookware piece makes food taste SO VERY good! When taken care of properly, they will last forever! (The one we use was manufactured in the 1920s – or earlier!)

  8. Soda Stream – The perfect thing for fizzy water lovers!

  9. Air Fryer – Are you someone wishing for this hot, trendy appliance? It’s certainly at the top of lots of Christmas wish lists this year!

  10. Instantpot 

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Best Farmhouse Decor Gifts - Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2019

Of all the gifts guides I’ve put together, this one is my absolute favourite! I guess it helps that I’m a huge farmhouse decor lover myself.;)

I fell in love with Joanna Gaines’ style and the Fixer Upper show. In fact, it (and she) has been the inspiration for many of my own home decor projects – like these Fixer Upper style Farmhouse Shelves. I even put together a list of Joanna Gaines’ Inspired Christmas Table Decor.

As I searched for some fun farmhouse finds that might be great gifts, I found a huge selection of amazing ideas from Target! In fact, all of the ones listed below can be found there. 

Gift Ideas for Farmhouse Fans

1. Fill a large wire basket with things a cook might like – such as a cake stand, utensil canister, spoon rest, apron and dishtowels.

2. Put pretty things in a small wire basket  – like some counter spray, glass canister caddy, bath salts,  lotion, and a small wooden vase.

3. A large seagrass basket would be perfect for gifting on its own, or you could fill it with fun bath towels , cozy blanket, or a  pillow.

4. Newlyweds might enjoy getting a great shelving unit ready to hang on the wall in their new home.

5. Any kind of low tray is great for coffee table decor. You could gift one with a magazine, candle, and faux plant.

6. Who doesn’t love a wreath on the front door? Add some fun house numbers and a welcome mat, and you’d have an instant entryway makeover gift.

7. Galvanized metal is a staple in farmhouse decor. This vase would make the perfect gift. Add a fresh grocery store flower arrangement inside and you have a hostess gift all ready to go!

8. For the organized list maker, a fun farmhouse style journal plus a pretty pen would make a great gift for the new year to come.

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I trust these ideas are helpful as you begin searching for the perfect gifts. If you want even more ideas and other lists of suggestions, check out my AMAZON SHOP HERE.

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