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Kitchen Gadgets Worth Investing In

(Psst!:This list of kitchen gadgets will make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts. Every home cook will love and use these tools!)

Narrow down the fun kitchen gadgets and tools to the ones you will actually reach for and use over and over again. These kitchen gadgets will save you time and frustration over and over again!

Why these kitchen gadgets are worth investing in

I remember my mom & grandmas just loved shopping in kitchen stores.

They’d get giddy when they’d discover some new kitchen gadget, and would often pick something up to “try out”.

Sometimes they were winners, and sometimes – not!

The kitchen gadgets that I’m featuring today are those that I’ve reached for over and over again in my own kitchen.

They’re the right tool for a specific job, and I find they make my work in the kitchen far more efficient.

These kitchen gadgets would make great gift ideas!

Most of these kitchen gadgets are relatively inexpensive and would make great stocking stuffer gifts, gifts to tuck in a basket for bridal showers and birthdays, or even tie onto a gift with a bow.

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18 Top Most Often Used Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Herb scissors – I didn’t even know what this was when I received it as a gift a few years ago. Now, I can’t live without them! They are perfect for snipping off fresh herbs from the garden and clipping up for pretty garnishes.
  2. Garlic press – This makes such quick work for when a recipe calls for “clove of garlic, minced”. I just put a clove in the hopper, squeeze shut, and boom! It’s ready to use!
  3. Icing spreader – My mom used one of these all the time for frosting cakes and cupcakes – and I do, too!
  4. Small spatula – Getting the first square or piece of something out of a pan can be challenging. This small spatula flipper works like a charm for that. I also reach for it when I’m taking small cookies off of a cookie sheet fresh out of the oven.
  5. Lemon/ lime juicer – I use fresh lemon juice so much more now that I have this handy dandy gadget. Just slice a lemon, put half of it (skin side up) in the holder, squeeze it shut and the fresh juice just pours out.
  6. Small mini chopper – You may be surprised to find out I’ve never owned a food processor. My blender works for many things, but this small mini chopper is perfect for chopping nuts, making breadcrumbs, or turning oreos into crumbs. I’ve had mine for over 25 years, and absolutely love it.
  7. Piping tips for cupcakes – I always thought that piping icing on cupcakes was so hard. Turns out, it’s the easiest way ever to frost cupcakes – and looks so pretty, too.
  8. Fine mesh strainer set – I love my set of 3 fine mesh strainers. I use the largest one when I need to sift flour or powdered sugar. The small one works so nice to dust a little powdered sugar on sweets as a topping, and the middle one is perfect when I want to rinse off a few berries to have with my yogurt snack. I hang mine up on a wall in my kitchen and reach for them often.
  9. Fun apron – I guess this really isn’t a kitchen “gadget”, but boy, do I use mine ALL THE TIME. It makes me feel much more fancy and makes working in the kitchen feel a lot more fun. (That’s worth a lot to someone who doesn’t really like to cook!;))
  10. Grater – I love this basic grater with 4 different grating options. I find it works great and cleans up easily, too.
  11. Silicone spatulas – I started using silicone spatulas long ago, and paid a bit more for them. Here it is MANY years later and I’m still using my 2 favorites! – A skinny one, and a scoop shaped one. I got mine from Pampered Chef, and I must say, I’m impressed that they are still snowy white after all these years of use.
  12. Whisk – It took me a while to embrace using a whisk in my kitchen, (I’m not sure why?). But, now that I have, I use it lots. I use it for whipping eggs to scramble, mixing up dry ingredients in a bowl, and stirring together roux and gravies so they don’t get lumps.
  13. Egg slicer – Sliced and diced eggs for potato salad and egg salad sandwiches are a breeze with a handy dandy egg slicer like this.
  14. Pastry cutter – Yes, I know you can use 2 knives instead of a pastery cutter. But, do yourself a favor and get yourself a pastry cutter. It’s SO much easier.
  15. Cookie scoop – Save a ton of time and have all your cookies turn out more uniform with a cookie scoop. (They come in different sizes, so be sure to choose your favorite size.)
  16. Silicone brush – I tried a brush with bristles in my kitchen and couldn’t stand that it never seemed clean. This silicone brush solved that problem. I just put it in the dishwasher after I use it.
  17. Potato peeler – My mom taught me to peel potatoes with a peeler. I actually can’t peel a potato without one. This also works great for carrots.
  18. Meat mallot & tenderizer – Pounding meat into thin uniform pieces can make them cook so much faster. This works like a charm.

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