Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Would Love to Receive

In this article: This list provides over 24 ideas of Mother’s Day gifts Mom would love to receive. 

Two days a week I put on my “fancy clothes” and head to my part time job at a local jewelry store. It’s there that I find great joy in helping people choose gifts for special occasions. These days, Mother’s Day is is the focus.

Watching people go through the process of choosing a gift is an interesting study. Some choose confidently and quickly. Others are scared to death and hesitant to choose the “wrong” thing!

So, ladies, can I give some advice today? Start the conversation and tell your loved ones what kind of gifts you love to receive. I assure you that no matter how many years a person has known you, they can NOT read your mind! And, if your mind is anything like mine, your gift preferences change quite quickly.;)

Last week, I went to the streets (aka Instagram) and asked my viewers what they would actually like to receive for Mother’s Day. The responses were quick and confident. So, today, I’m sharing the actual intell of gifts moms would love to receive for Mother’s Day.

Maybe one of the items you really want is on this list. If so, feel free to send this article to the people asking for gift ideas. Highlight your top 3 wishes and let them surprise you with one of them…

And, if you are the one doing the purchasing, before you whip out that credit card and start buying, do a little research first. Ask that special lady if she would rather have an item gift or an event gift. That’s a big clue as to the gifts that make her feel really loved and appreciated.

Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Would Love to Receive

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Event gifts

I was surprised to discover that of the responses to my question, nearly half of the ladies expressed they would rather receive “event gifts” rather than item gifts.

Here are some of the events they are dreaming of:

  1. Spa Treatment – Could include a massage, pedicure,  or facial. The best and most convenient way to give this gift is with a gift certificate to a local spa.
  2. Weekend at a hotel alone. (I’m imagining this might be the moms in the busy stage of raising little kids…and are just dreaming of a full night of sleep!)
  3. Go with the family on a trip.
  4. Have the family cook dinner and wash the dishes.
  5. Go to a movie with the family.
  6. Go out to dinner.
  7. Tickets for summer concerts.
  8. Tickets to baseball games.
  9. Have all the family home. (Obviously a mom in a different season of life than the mom with dream #2!)
  10. Go thrift store shopping…or shopping in general.
  11. Spend a full day with my adult daughter without the kids ~ so we can actually finish a conversation!;)
  12. Sleep. (See dream #2)
  13. Have the car detailed

Item gifts

Items are sometimes easier to pick out than event gifts, but the choices can be overwhelming! Here are some suggestions to help you narrow it down.

  1. Outdoor plants/ planters/ flowering plants ~ This was an overwhelming favorite response.
  2. Gift cards for spa, books, Homegoods, or Amazon (Here’s a gift card that comes in a cute box!) ~ This came in second as a favorite wish.
  3. Chocolate
  4. Jewelry ~ (I love the pieces from Alison & Aubrey. I have this necklace and get compliments every time I wear it.)
  5. Roomba
  6. Clothes and Shoes
  7. Craft Supplies
  8. Books
  9. Home improvement items like window treatments and furniture
  10. Caramels
  11. Picnic Basket
  12. A housecleaner (As in a maid ~ not a cleaning product!;))
  13. Makeup (Here’s a gift card for her to pick out her favorites.)

I’ve put together a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas on my Amazon Shop, if you’d like to click here to check that out. You’ll find other lists there, too, that might help you in inspiring more gift ideas.

Happy gift giving…and gift receiving to all you sweet mamas out there!

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