15+ Practical Christmas Gifts for Women & Men

In this article: Find 30 practical Christmas gifts for women and men – that they’ll actually use and love!

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People seem to fit into 1 of 2 categories in the gift department:

  1. Those who want to receive gifts they don’t need or use regularly.
  2. Those who want to receive only gifts that are practical and useful.

Today’s gift ideas are definitely for the second category. These ideas (for both women and men) are super practical and useful. In fact, I personally use many of them on a daily basis!

Or, perhaps you just might want to “gift” yourself some of these. They may be the ticket to helping getting that those regular “to do” list items done quicker and with less effort.

I switched my entire home cleaning system over to Norwex a few years ago, and fell head over heels in love with it. So much, in fact, that I now am a consultant for the company.

As I thought about the idea of “practical gifts”, I naturally landed on Norwex items. If you are Canadian and interested in purchasing any of the items on the following list, just click on the name of the item and it will direct you to the page where it can be ordered through my Norwex website. It will be shipped right to your door quick as a whistle!

Unfortunately, I cannot sell to those who reside in the US at this time, but I’m sure a consultant in your area will be more than happy to help you.

If any of you want to join my VIP Norwex facebook group where we have parties, flash sales, and general clean fun (tee hee), just click here and request to join. (All are welcome!)

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15+ Practical Gifts for Women & Men

Practical Gift Ideas for Women

The EnviroCloth

This microfiber cleaning cloth absolutely changed my housecleaning world! Made of super high quality microfiber (1/200th the size of a human hair!), it allows you to mechanically remove 99% of bacteria, germs, & dust with only  water. It’s built in bac-loc technology uses the natural sanitizing power of silver to purify the cloth between uses to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. (And, that annoying “stink” that sometimes cloths have.)

They come in a whole selection of beautiful colors to choose from.

Dusting Mitt

I can’t get over how quickly I can check “dusting” off my list with this handy dandy dusting mit. It can be used wet or dry, and quickly leaves surfaces free of dust and debris. It even works well to clean blinds!

Bathroom Scrub Mitt

I fully admit that cleaning the tub is my least favourite cleaning task. Ugh. However, this little scrub mitt is a lifesaver. One side has a slightly rough texture that cleans off all the sticky build-up that our soap and shampoo leaves behind, and the other side shines it up beautifully. It’s a total bathroom cleaning game changer!


Optic Scarf:

Hello, over 40 eyes and reading glasses…;) As someone who never wore glasses, I’ve found it challenging to get used to these glasses that are on and off the top of my head about a thousand times a day!

I just can’t stand it when they are smudged and dirty, so the optic scarf gets used at least once a day. Its handy dandy clip clips to the inside of my purse, so I always know where it is. I find it works much better than any other cloth or spray I’ve tried.

It, too comes in a variety of pretty patterns and colors.

Window Cloth

Used in tandem with the EnviroCloth (see above), I use this daily to clean the mirror in my bathroom and shine the sink faucet. Of course,  I also use it to easily clean my windows (they come out streak free!) – but I don’t do that on a daily basis.;)

Like the EnviroCloth, the window cloth eliminates the need for any chemical cleaner, and works remarkably with just water – and leaves surfaces gleaming!

Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls

I just recently switched over to these pretty little woolen dryer balls. Don’t they look like furry snowballs?? They speed up drying time, remove static cling, and eliminate the need for chemical-filled dryer sheets. I love mine!

Kitchen Cloth

I use this every. single. day. in life. After trying a whole lot of kitchen cloth options, I landed on this one. Gone are the days of the stinky cloth situation in my sink. (Hallelujah!) I use Norwex’s netted discloth (found here) with soap to wash my dishes  (and it doesn’t get stinky!). Then, I grab the kitchen cloth, wet it with just water, and wipe off my counters, stove, microwave, and cupboard fronts. It is amazing how sparkly clean it leaves everything.

Natural Hand Cleaner

This little item would make the perfect stocking stuffer item. As a former “Purell” nut, I was thrilled to discovered this much safer and healthier alternative. I tuck it into my purse and use it when we are out and about.

Lip Balm

This little item is also a great stocking stuffer. It comes in different scents and leaves your lips feeling soft and silky.

Mop System

You wouldn’t believe the number of women who say that floors are their most dreaded things to clean! Norwex’s mop system makes the task so much quicker and easier. The dry mop pad sweeps up all the dirt and debris. Then, the wet mop pad just needs to be filled with water (with running water under the tap), wrung out, and attached to the velcro on the mop base. The super quality of the microfiber + water will leave your floors squeaky clean. And-bonus!- you won’t have to deal with the sticky residue other floor cleaners leave behind.

Exfoliating Face Scrub Mitt

Bring the spa to your home with this amazing exfoliating face scrub mit. One side has a slightly ruff texture that when rubbed gently on your face, it exfoliates the skin. The other side is silky smooth and leaves your skin feeling amazing – by using it with just water!

I like to use this mitt once a week, and the body cloths (below) for all the other days. As someone with SUPER sensitive and allergy prone skin, I’m thrilled to find something that works so well for my persnickety situation!

Body Cloths

As I mentioned above, I’ve dealt with difficult skin situations for years. I was skeptical when I heard testimonials for how well these body cloths worked to wash your face everyday with just water. But, I tried it, and now use them every. day! Again, they only require only water to use – so money is saved on those expensive face cleansing products!

Practical Gifts for Men

Don’t worry, men, we won’t leave you out! Here are some awesome practical gift ideas for them, too.

Optic Cloth

My husband uses the optic cloth as much as I do. In fact, he requested his very own! He has this small one that he leaves in a drawer downstairs, and the larger one in his office. Norwex has “men friendly” patterns available.

3 in one car mitt

This handy dandy mitt can be tucked under the seat in the car and be ready to use at a moment’s notice. It’s unique design allows you to flip over one side so you have more cleaning surfaces available. This will be great to have when the defrost isn’t working fast enough…or the dashboard gets embarrassingly dusty…

Car Wash Mitt & Car Cloth

We don’t have this in our home (yet), but I just watched a demonstration of these two products. I was absolutely blown away at how well they worked! The car wash mitt is super absorbent, and by just using water in sections, it cleans the surface so well! Immediately following washing with the mitt, the car cloth dries and buffs it into a beautiful sheen. This would be perfect for both vehicles and boats!

Leather Shine

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’d never shined any of my leather shoes until last year! What a difference it made. My old boots suddenly have a new lease on life and look amazing!

This leather shine product will spiff up shoes and even that leather furniture that is so loved by the men in our homes!

 Tech Cloth

This new product is one that I’m absolutely thrilled about! Designed specifically for cleaning off the smudges and streaks on tablets, phones, computers, and tvs – it works like a charm!

**And, now, I’m excited to share with you a whole variety of gift guides from my blogger friends. We hope they are super helpful as you prepare for the holiday season!

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  1. Hi Rita, as someone always on the hunt for practical gifts, I very much appreciate your list! I love those enviro clothes as well, and need to consider gifting them!

    Have a great day.



  2. I LOVE Norwex products so this guide gift is right up my alley!! I have so many of the items listed here BUT I don’t have the optic scarf. Like you, I can’t stand having dirty glasses and I’ve yet to find a cloth I like to keep them clean. Definitely showing this to my daughter, who is also an avid Norwex user. Pinned 🙂

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